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Because your safety is our top priority, we developed the trademarked safety program JumpSafe®.  As a member of the ASTM committee that sets trampoline park safety standards, we regularly train our staff to support a safe and fun experience every time you visit any Rockin’ Jump Park. Our goal is for you, your friends and family to have Fun For Life™ in a safe, clean, fun environment. We invite you to visit The Ultimate Trampoline Park®!

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7 Best Trampoline Games

There’s nothing more exciting than catching some sweet air on a trampoline. But did you know that trampolines can also bring new life into classic schoolyard games? We put this list together to jumpstart your brain and your body! These games are an excellent addition...

How to Get your Gamer Kid to Enjoy Exercise

Feature image source If you’re a parent of a gamer kid, you’re not alone. Around 97% of kids in the US play video games. Rapid expansion of gaming apps as well as cheaper and more powerful gaming consoles leaves a lasting impact on the market. Due to the rapid...

8 Ways to Stay Fit With Trampoline Exercises

If you’re anything like me, you’ll need an exercise routine that’s not just about more reps, more sets, or more miles. You need a routine which satisfies the body, mind, and inner child all at once. This is where a great trampoline workout comes into play. Bouncing...

New Location: Montgomery’s 1st Trampoline Park

The people behind Montgomery’s first trampoline park have had a spring in their step for the past few weeks as they prepared to open the doors. The grand opening for Rockin’ Jump in the Atlanta Crossing shopping center across from Eastdale Mall is noon Feb. 5, and...