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Rockin’ Jump Eagan provides positive entertainment

ring your child to Rockin’ Jump Eagan often and regularly. They get exercise without even realizing it, they make friends, and it improves how their brain grows and will help them in their future career and personal relationship. Some kids from dodgeball teams and repeatedly come to Rockin’ Jump Eagan to play with each other. Support your child’s development and let them have family-friendly fun at Rockin’ Jump Eagan.

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Graduation Celebrations at Rockin’ Jump Eagan bring students together!

Most graduates missed out on the “last year” of parties, celebrations, dances, and camaraderie. Usually the last year of studies are the times when deep friendships are forged.  Bonding with your besties sets you up with a strong support system.  Why not throw a party at Rockin’ Jump Eagan?   You can go all out and rent a party room, or you can just tell all your classmates about the time and date when you come to enjoy the park.  Through some hoops, play some dodgeball, climb the walls together before you disburse.  The Cafeteria provides Icees, soft drinks and pizza.  It is a perfect set up for get togethers. 

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Children enjoy play and why it is important for their development

Physical play is also very important because kids learn that if they ate right they have more energy and if they had enough sleep they perform better when they attempt to climb, jump, and have better aim with the ball. They have an easier time staying relaxed and not getting worked up. This type of self-awareness and awareness of those around us is a key skill that helps them in school, in their relationships with others, and throughout their lives.  
From “Peek-a-boo, I see you” to building castles in the sandbox, to getting a team together for a fun dodgeball game, a climbing competition between four friends, to “Ring around the Rosies”, we need to let our kids play. Basketball, dodgeball, competitions, through an obstacle course, fidget ladders, and all the many Rockin’ Jump Eagan attractions are much more than just fun. They help your child develop better social skills, body awareness, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, following rules that are for their safety, and how to get along with other kids. 

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Leadership Skills are shaped early in a child’s life.

Success in business and at home are always related to the quality of the relationships.  Relationships that are based on mutual respect and mutual trust are successful.  If a child wants to change course have the child reflect and verbalize their reasons. It allows the child to assess how it comes across and perhaps even more importantly it allows it to realize how it will be viewed by others. Ultimately it will give the child the choice to forge a character that allows it to feel self-respect, to feel at ease with the way it functions in the world.  By practicing the assessment of how an action will be reacted to by others, the child’s builds the ability to feel compassionate toward others.

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