Graduation Celebrations at Rockin' Jump Eagan bring students together! - Eagan, MN

What a year this has been.  We all dealt with the Corona Health Crisis.  Students in particular had to study on their own from home.  They couldn’t get together with friends without worrying about causing harm to their older family members.  And, finally we are able to get together again.

Most graduates missed out on the “last year” of parties, celebrations, dances, and camaraderie. Usually the last year of studies are the times when deep friendships are forged.  Bonding with your besties sets you up with a strong support system.  Why not throw a party at Rockin’ Jump Eagan?   You can go all out and rent a party room, or you can just tell all your classmates about the time and date when you come to enjoy the park.  Through some hoops, play some dodgeball, climb the walls together before you disburse.  The Cafeteria provides Icees, soft drinks and pizza.  It is a perfect set up for get togethers.

If your larger family came to town or is in town to celebrate you can bring them together for a special graduation parties at Rockin’ Jump Eagan.  The kids can dance, play ball, spend time talking in the Cafeteria.  Let them reconnect with their friends and rekindle friendships.  If the Corona Pandemic taught as anything, then it is the value of spending time with friends and family.  It is a cherished time and literally improves the well being for all those invited.  We get into the health reasons in a more detailed blog soon.

Spending time together strengthen connections and friendships.   This just might staying in touch easier as we all go off on our separate ways into our lives.

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