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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | September 2020

Kate Murray, a second grade teacher at Waccamaw Elementary School, is September’s Rockin’ Jump Teacher of the Month and the reasons she earned the honor are easy to identify. A Pennsylvania native, Murray is entering her 15th year as a teacher and her fifth here in...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | May, 2020

For some people teaching is a job, for Aileen O’Rourke it’s a passion. After 34 years in education, O’Rourke has taught English to French students, French to English students and delivered supplies to impoverished kids in Africa. For the last two years, O’Rourke, who...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | April, 2020

Creativity and the willingness to approach a task from a different perspective are valued traits, especially during a pandemic, and they also help illustrate why Ben Golden was named Rockin’ Jump’s Teacher of the Month in April. With schools in a COVID-19 induced...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | March, 2020

Teaching was always part of Faith Lapham’s life - both of her parents were educators - but it was a life-changing accident that pushed her to follow in their footsteps. Lapham, who grew up in Aynor, was a dance major at Columbia College, dreaming of life on stage,...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | February, 2020

When RJ, Rockin’ Jump’s ever-popular mascot, rolled into Emilee Best’s fourth grade classroom, she assumed the principal was taking him to see kids throughout the school. After a few seconds of surprise, Best realized RJ was there to present her with Rockin’ Jump’s...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | January, 2020

Heather Lewis always wanted to be a teacher. When she was in the second grade, writing on the chalkboard (yes, teachers really used to write with chalk!) was her motivation. When she was in high school, Lewis was part of the Teacher Cadet Program, an initiative that...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | December, 2019

Unlike many of us, who take years to decide on a career path, Jennifer de Villiers knew from a young age she wanted to be a teacher. She always enjoyed babysitting and spent time playing with younger kids, making her decision to be an education major in college a...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | November, 2019

Megan Spires enrolled at the University of South Carolina as a broadcast journalism major, dreaming of being on the news, when a friend from high school asked for help on his Calculus final. Her friend and fellow Conway High School alum got an A on his exam and...

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Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | October, 2019

After graduating high school, Nikki D’Onghia, a native New Yorker, moved to Myrtle Beach for the same reason so many others have: she loved the beach and hated snow. Now eight years into her teaching career, local children have been the beneficiary of D’Onghia’s...

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