Myrtle Beach: Teacher of the Month | January 2021 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Many of the educators who have earned Rockin’ Jump’s Teacher of the Month award knew they wanted to be a teacher from an early age, but it took January’s honoree, Ashley Skidmore, a little longer to find her chosen profession.

“If you contacted some of my (old) teachers and told them, ‘Ashley is a Teacher,’ they would be like, “What?!,” Skidmore now says with a laugh.

Growing up in Maryland, Skidmore battled attention deficit disorder and wasn’t always engaged in class as a youngster, but that began to change as she got older.

“I had a couple teachers that I could really understand,” she says of her evolution from struggling young student to a summa cum laude college graduate. “They were perky and engaging and provided a hands-on experience.”

Skidmore began to learn in different ways, using hand gestures and song, among other techniques, to help her recall subject matter. Motivated by the teachers who made a difference and her own success, Skidmore pursued a career in education, a decision that led her from Alleghany County, Maryland to Myrtle Beach Elementary School as a fourth grade teacher.

Relying on her experience as a student, Skidmore places an emphasis on creating a positive classroom environment and encourages students to learn in a way that works for them.

“Whenever you have a happy classroom, your kids want to work for you,” Skidmore said. “I want to help kids like me that struggle … Seeing their excitement for learning and how much they enjoy being at school, that’s what keeps me going.”

That excitement grew exponentially when Skidmore was named Rockin’ Jump’s Teacher of the Month and her students received free 30-minute jump passes at Myrtle Beach’s ultimate trampoline park.

A mother of two, when Skidmore has free time, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family at the beach.

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