Santa Maria trampoline park offers residents a new way to exercise - Santa Maria, CA

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – There aren’t a whole lot of adults jumping at the Rockin’ Jump on a Sunday afternoon.

“Maybe some might feel uncomfortable being able to jump for a long period of time cause they might be out of shape,” says Mom, Melissa Skinner.

Manager James Forestieri says this place can be the perfect workout however, telling us: “I’ve seen people go for about a thousand calories in one hour, about 500 for a half hour, depending on how intensely you’re jumping.”

Forestieri says each jump works out numerous muscle groups. “Make sure you land on the balls of your feet, you’re going to be bouncing using a lot of your calves and your quad muscles. As you jump, windmill your arms, it gives you stability for your workout. As you jump up you kinda springboard like a swimmer using your core and your back doing as good of a workout as you possibly can,” he explains.

Being able to jump for a long time takes some building up so it’s okay if you can’t bounce for the entire time purchased.

“You’ll be jumping for 20 minutes going hard, being like: “Oh man, this is so much fun – all of a sudden – I’m tired what happened?” It sneaks up on you. It’s a really good cardio workout,” Forestieri says.

The Rockin’ Jump facility offers late night jumps on Friday’s and Saturday’s to cater towards the older crowds but parents are always welcome to enjoy the experience with their kids.