There is one significant difference between a bounce house and a trampoline park. It is the fact that the bounce house is only one attraction. Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem is much more than that.

Rockin’ Jump has a variety of attractions that will engage multiple ages. This is the perfect spot for a birthday party, an after-school visit or a larger group event. There are even non-jump attractions for individuals not in the jumping mood.

More than a Bounce House

Bounce houses are great for having one enclosed jump area. Yet, it does not have all of these other jump attractions.

  • Slam Dunk Zone – Here is a new way to shoot hoops! Now you can slam dunk like the professionals.
  • Dodge Ball Arena – One-on-one or as a team, it is dodge ball with a twist. Bounce on the ground and on the walls to get a new advantage on your opponent.
  • Stunt Bag – How fun it would be to fall onto a stunt bag. Much like stunt doubles do in the movies. Now you have the opportunity to try it out.
  • X Beam Joust – Medieval jousting turned modern. Challenge your component using a padded lance on a balance beam. Falling off may mean you lost but at least it is fun falling into a foam pit!

Non-Jump Fun

  • Arcade – Take a breather from all the jump activities in the arcade area. You even win tickets to buy prizes!
  • Lazer Frenzy – For a few extra dollars, transform into a super spy. Try out your spy moves by maneuvering through a laser field and complete your mission.
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Are you looking for a different physical challenge? Challenge yourself or a friend, to see how fast you can make it to the top.

Additionally, there are multiple seating areas and a television section for adults. Furthermore, there is a concession area to purchase snacks and drinks.

Trampoline Park – The Way to Go

Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem has something for everyone. As one Google 5-star review states, “Great fun for kids and adults,” says Patricia Bancroft.

There is a special day and time for children under six to enjoy the park. Moreover, if you are looking for unique evening fun, they have an After Dark jump event. It is easy to schedule parties or group events online.

A bounce house will keep kids’ attention for a short period. Yet, if you want multiple layers of entertainment for many age groups, then head to a trampoline park. Rockin’ Jump has the fun that everyone is searching for in Winston-Salem.

Remember that having a birthday party at Rockin’ Jump means they handle everything, including the clean-up! You will have a dedicated party host, online invitations and thank-you notes, in addition to pizza and drinks for all. Everyone will enjoy jumping or any of the many activities and then celebrate with the birthday child!