With temperatures dropping, this means your kids have to spend more time inside. But instead of TV or electronic devices, there are other things you can find for them to do. Foam pits are fun attractions that also offer physical activity. But finding foam pits near me can be difficult. Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump has just what you need.

What exactly is a foam pit?

Kids’ activities are always changing and evolving. What started as a sandbox moved on to the ball pit. Now, the foam pit is the next step in the evolution. This is basically just a big space filled with foam pieces. It provides a soft-landing spot when kids jump in.

Are foam pits safe?

Unless we fill the pit with cotton balls, there is really nothing safer than foam. This is what makes jumping – and then jumping again and again – so fun. Parents can rest assured that their little ones will have fun in a supervised foam pit.

Rockin’ Jump offers a unique foam pit

Rockin’ Jump is known far and wide for our trampolines. They offer kids hours of fun and exercise. But we also have an assortment of other things to do. X Beam Jousting is one of our recently added attractions, and it is quickly becoming a favorite.

This activity involves two people who each grab a padded lance. They then face each other on an X-shaped beam with the goal of trying to knock the other off. And when somebody falls, they get to land in a foam pit. Jousting is fun and challenging and even the defeated opponent gets the enjoyment of diving into the foam.

Rockin’ Jump also has our Stunt Bag. This allows people to flip and jump just like a movie stunt person. Whatever acrobatics they perform, there is an air-filled bag waiting to catch them when they land.

Other Rockin’ Jump attractions

In addition to our trampolines, we also have other fun things. These include a rock climbing wall, laser maze, and arcade. There is a special playground for little kids too. Rockin’ Jump is also one of the premier party spots in town, and we regularly host birthday parties.

Remember Rockin’ Jump when searching for foam pits near me

When looking for foam pits near me or other fun things for the whole family, think about Rockin’ Jump. We are open all year long and will make sure you have a great time.