Are you looking for fun activities in Winston-Salem that your whole family and friends would love? Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park of Winston-Salem has something for everyone to enjoy. This indoor park has multiple attractions for those that enjoy jumping, flipping and doing stunts in the air. If you don’t feel like jumping, there are plenty of additional attractions.

Jumping Fun activities in Winston-Salem

Open area jump – This main jump area is perfect for showing off flips and acrobatic moves! All your friends will enjoy jumping together in this large jump arena.

Stunt Bag – Have you always wanted to know what it was like to perform stunts like they do in the movies? Here is your chance to be daring by jumping onto an air-filled stunt bag.

Dodge Ball Arena – Take your dodge ball skills to the next level. Now you can win by throwing the ball at your components from soaring heights.

Slam Dunk Zone – Don’t quite have the height to slam dunk like a pro? That isn’t a problem at Rockin’ Jump! At this attraction, you can slam dunk with ease when you are jumping from a trampoline under your feet.

After Dark – Here is an extra activity that you can book for an entire group. Forget laser bowling. Jumping and bouncing to lasers, music, black lights and special strobes is the way to go! It’s available every weekend at Rockin’ Jump!

Non-Jumping Fun activities in Winston-Salem

X beam Jousting – With a padded lance and a bit of balance you can take on any opponent. Knock your way to victory or fall into the pit of foam cubes!

Arcade – Need a break from all the jumping? Relax in the large arcade area. There are tons of the latest games.

Lazer Frenzy – Want to reenact your favorite spy movie? Or do you want to see how sly you really are? Take on this mission by completing a variety of objectives while surrounded by a web of laser beams.

Rock climbing wall – Are you feeling up to a challenge? Take on this multi-level skill challenge rock wall. Climb alone or race a friend. There is a bell to buzz if you can make it to the top!

6 and Under two-story climbing house – Not comfortable letting the little ones jump with everyone else? Rockin’ Jump understands those concerns. That is why they have an amazing and elaborate two-story climbing house for little kids. Now they can also have fun with climbing and sliding!

Why Choose Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

A trampoline park is a great way to let kids release their abundance of energy. Plus, it’s a perfect exercise alternative to the gym. How much more fun is it to jump and bounce your way to fitness instead of tread milling at a stuffy gym?

Come see for yourself what all the fun and excitement is about! Join in on the many fun-filled activities in Winston-Salem at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park.