trampoline birthday party Does your child have a birthday coming up? Before your busy schedule makes you lose track of the time, you should start planning his or her party now. And if you would like to make it an extra special one this year, you may want to think about doing something a little different than usual. If you have been wracking your brain trying to figure out how to give your child an amazing celebration this year, we have six reasons why you should throw a trampoline birthday party at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Winston-Salem:

1. A unique venue

Sure, you may have a trampoline in your backyard or perhaps your child has a friend that has one, but a trampoline park is something else completely. The wall-to-wall trampolines allow every guest to jump at the same time, no matter how many party guests there may be.

2. Fun and activity

How often has your child come home from someone else’s party wound up from all the excitement and maybe all of the sugar he or she consumed? Well, while a trampoline birthday party is loads of fun, all of that pent up energy will be spent bouncing. At the end of the day, you are going to have some tired kids on your hands, which you – along with the other parents – will greatly appreciate.

3. Loads of exercise

One of the best parts about a trampoline birthday party is that it can provide hours of exercise. If you have wanted your child to get more active, this is a great opportunity. And because jumping on a trampoline is so enjoyable, it never really feels like a workout. They won’t even realize that they are toning and strengthening their muscles and burning off the calories from that birthday cake!

4. Other great things to do

Most kids can bounce for hours, but if they want to do something else, Rockin’ Jump has other attractions, including a rock wall, jousting, and an in-door playground for little ones. Plus, if the kids want to do more than just jump, we also offer dodge ball and basketball played on trampolines.

5. Little work on your end

Once you decide to have a trampoline birthday party at Rockin’ Jump, we can pretty much take things from there. We have three different party packages, all of which involve jumping time, along with pizza and drinks. And we can handle it all, including your online invitations, setting up everything and the cleanup!

6. So you can be the hero

While the party is ultimately about your child, you can end up being the hero of the day. Your birthday child and all of the guests are sure to have a blast, and it will all be thanks to you, which will definitely earn you some cool parent points.

A Trampoline Birthday Party to Remember

There are a bunch of places in Winston-Salem where you can throw a kid’s party, but none are as fun or easy as Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park. To be sure your child gets a party they will always remember, think about making it a trampoline birthday party.