If you’re looking for a bounce house near me in North Carolina, bring the whole family to our trampoline park. Rockin’ Jump is an indoor facility with supervising staff, clean attractions, and interactive games kids love. Skip the inflatable backyard bounce castles and come to Rockin’ Jump instead! Here are three reasons you’ll love our trampoline park.

We Put Safety First – Always

One thing that sets our trampoline park apart is our commitment to safety. Unlike a bounce house in your backyard, a trained staff supervises our bounce courts. We’ll make sure everyone is following the rules while still having a fun time.

Additionally, we have a separate area for our youngest bouncers to help keep them safe. Let’s be honest: older kids can sometimes be a little rowdy! We don’t want their rambunctious jumping to endanger toddlers who can’t keep up. So, our “under-6” area is specifically for young jumpers and their parents. Also, join us for Rockin’ Tots every week. During Rockin’ Tots, our entire facility is open only to jumpers up to 6 years old and their parents. You can learn more about Rockin’ Tots here.

We always strive to provide a safe environment for kids of all ages to play and exercise. Click here to learn more about the Rockin’ Jump story and our vision.

Our Park is a Clean, Climate-Controlled Environment

Not only is our trampoline part a safe play option, but it is also clean. We require all jumpers to wear our special socks. Additionally, our staff is on hand to quickly clean up any spills or accidents using trusted sterilization methods. In fact, on our busiest days, we have roaming staff whose sole purpose is to keep the facility clean! We’ll never let dirt stop the fun at Rockin’ Jump.

When you jump at our park, you also have access to our hand sanitization stations. Throughout the facility, you’ll find free microbial hand sanitizer, which we encourage you to use frequently. With an inflatable bounce house, you don’t get sanitization stations, and you’ll have no idea if it has been cleaned properly.

Finding a Bounce House Near Me with Interactive Features can be Expensive

Lastly, people love Rockin’ Jump because it is an affordable option for families. Whether you want to buy open jump tickets or book our birthday party room, you won’t break the bank. We even have memberships available where you can jump for under $2 per day. If you are on a budget, we’re the perfect inexpensive option for a play date. With all of our activities, you never run out of options for a fun experience. When you want to take a break from jumping, visit our arcade! We have all of the latest games. Then, there’s the snack bar and massage chairs for those who just want to relax and watch the others play.

Also, keep in mind that at Rockin’ Jump, you don’t have to worry about damage to your backyard. If you rent an inflatable bounce castle, it can do a number on your grass, depending on how long you have it set up. Come to our fun trampoline park instead to avoid the lawn care headache. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about losing your deposit if the weather isn’t perfect for bouncing. Even when it is raining or hot outside, Rockin’ Jump is open for jumping with a cool, dry trampoline court inside. Visit Rockin’ Jump today for the ultimate bounce house near me experience!

Or, give us a call in Greensboro at 336-355-1585 or in Winston-Salem at 336-896-9100.