As the holidays and winter approach, you probably have a lot on your plate. Included, is creating an engaging atmosphere for family entertainment and ways to spend time together. Obviously, your home is a great place to begin that endeavor. However, it can get a little crowded when rowdiness sets in. After all, most homes don’t include an indoor playground suited to host your children and all their seemingly endless energy. Fortunately, there are ways to create fun and survive the frigidity and close quarters with a creative game or two.

Family Games to Survive Winter Woes

Although, the seasons that Winston-Salem and the Triad enjoy are wonderful, it’s challenging for all ages to be stuck inside. Sometimes, you need a little creativity to make the best of it. Plus, it’s useful to get everyone moving. Incorporating a little exercise is always a win!

So, if you’re looking for something simple, grab a timer (or pull one up on your phone). Then, get your kids moving by timing something that they can do within a set period. For instance, who can do the most jumping jacks in 30 seconds? Or, how many sprints can one run up and down the hall in a minute. Furthermore, to extend the activity, have kids create a list of activities to time.

A few other classic games to consider:

  • Simon Says
  • Stoplight
  • Hide ‘n Seek
  • Duck, Duck, Goose

For more game ideas, check out the Triad Moms on Main guide to Indoor Activities for Kids. Between indoor bowling, charades and balloon ball, you’ll find your inner child as well. Most importantly, you’ll give the greatest possible gift this season to your entire family – togetherness!

Find the Best Family Entertainment Center in the Triad

Moreover, it’s helpful to find a family entertainment center that everyone likes. What exactly might that be? Well, it’s a place – preferably with an indoor playground – that all ages can enjoy. Initially, traditional ideas such as an ice-skating rink, theater or bowling alley may come to mind. They are all great venues to host fun for everyone. However, these attractions primarily focus on one activity. Truly, an actual entertainment center provides options for everyone.

For example, Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem has a multitude of family-friendly activities that all ages and personalities love. Our indoor attractions include:

  • Slam Dunk Zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • Dodge Ball Arena – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Open Jump – Practice, jump and dive as you wish
  • Stunt Bag Arena – Fly, flip and soar into cushioned fun
  • X-Beam Jousting – Challenge your friends to a little friendly competition
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • 6-and-Under Climbing House – Keep it calmer in our climbing area zoned for our younger guests
  • Arcade – Take a breather with some fan favorites
  • Lazer Frenzy – Conquer a high-tech mission like a super-spy
  • Interactive Play – Interact and get moving with kid-friendly projected images

Better yet, we are now hosting our very popular Battle Royale tournaments. The tournament entry fee includes After Dark admission and 3 hours of jumping time! Considering that all of our previous tournaments sold out, we advise advance reservations.

Hear What Others Have to Say

Also, folks in the Triad agree that Rockin’ Jump is one of the best family indoor activity centers. Recently, Rockin’ Jump won Best Family Entertainment AND Best Kid’s Birthday Place from the Winston-Salem Journal. Plus, Christina had such a great time, she thanked us in her kind 5-Star Google Review.

“We love this place! Especially, on school nights or Sunday afternoon when it’s less busy.”

Today, reserve your tickets for high jumpin’ fun during the holidays and all season long! Or, call us at 336-896-9100.