Kids and parents across the Triad already know that Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem is the ultimate family fun center. Nowhere else offers the level of food, games, activities, and much more to entertain kids—and the whole family! Now, however, Rockin’ Jump offers more fun than ever. Happily, kids can combine their hobbies by participating in Battle Royale tournaments at Rockin’ Jump. These new tournaments are extremely popular and attract tons of local gamers. It’s a great way for kids to enjoy some safe fun with friends or make new ones. Parents will love that kids are having fun in a safe environment.

The Ultimate Family Fun Center

Additionally, at the ultimate family fun center there is almost no end to available trampolines. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem has games, activities, challenges, and much more. To stay informed of all tournament dates and other events, like their Facebook page. In fact, they’ve even won awards from the Winston-Salem Journal. Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem is this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards winner for Best Family Entertainment AND Best Kid’s Birthday Place. That’s what makes it the perfect place for Battle Royale tournaments.

How Did the Battle Royale Phenomenon Start?

While younger kids might be interested only in playing the game, older gamers may want to know more. The company behind the game is Epic Games. Founded by Tim Sweeney as a 21-year-old, the company now makes some of the world’s most popular games. The company has come a long way since its 1991 founding, when college student Sweeney built his games on weekends.

When the “Battle Royale” version of the game debuted in September 2017, everything changed. The game became so popular that now more than 125 million players worldwide play the game. It was so pervasive, in fact, that celebrities and athletes played the game and helped build the buzz around it. Darren Sugg, the American creative director for the company, helped design the game and build it into what it is today.

Part of the game’s popularity is due to the fact that the “Battle Royale” mode is free to play and expansive. Each game starts with 100 players who battle it out to the death. Best of all, customization options are virtually endless. From weapons to tools to clothing, users can create their own characters. Though gameplay is free, customization options are available as in-app purchases. It is these purchases that has the game on pace to gross roughly $2 billion for Epic Games in 2018 alone.

Endless Fun Through Challenges and More

Another critical piece of the game’s success is the open-world concept that enables endless hours of gameplay. Epic Games designed the game so that players can enjoy it in many different ways. Though the “Battle Royale” mode is most popular, players can continue with fresh gameplay with updated challenges. Each week, the company releases three weekly challenges for those who play for free. For example, a challenge might consist of dancing in forbidden locations or picking up a rare item.

The game also offers a system of progression that allows you to earn rewards as you progress to higher levels. This system is known as the “Battle Pass.” Battle Pass players get an additional four challenges per week. For example, a Battle Pass challenge might require players to kill enemies with a headshot. These challenges are more advanced and offer more challenging play for avid users.

Compete in Friendly and Thrilling Tournaments

Rockin’ Jump’s Battle Royale tournaments usually happen at least twice a month. These tournaments are open to kids ages 7 and up, of all skill levels. Rockin’ Jump provides the equipment, but players can bring their own controllers and headsets if they want. Best of all, the tournament only costs $25 to enter and includes After Dark admission and 3 hours of jump time. Even more exciting, each tournament offers the chance to win up to $250 in prizes!

“Rockin’ Jump gaming tournaments provide the ultimate competitive and fun environment to experience e-sports at its finest,” said Assistant Manager & Tournament Director Zachary Hawkins. “We provide it all for you—from systems to controllers to tournament regulation BenQ monitors. Participants have the chance to compete for prizes as well as get the health benefits of exercise on our many attractions, including trampoline basketball, dodge ball and our rock wall. It is fun for all ages and skill levels!”

Just check out this five-star Google review from Tyrone: “My son had an amazing time at the Battle Royale Tournament and After Dark Jump Session! We will definitely be going back!”

So, give them a call at 336-896-9100 for more information and to get ready for the next tournament! Or, see details online and reserve a spot right now!