Winston-Salem Interactive Play Area

One of the exciting activities for our junior visitors is the Interactive Play Area.

When kids want a change of pace from jumping, or an activity that they can enjoy with their friends, this is the perfect spot! In this area, children play games by interacting with images projected onto the floor.

By responding to challenges using various projected images, the players are in constant motion. They are running, jumping, dancing and using their hands and feet to achieve the goals required to win the games. As they are moving around the floor and playing the games, there are background sounds and graphics to keep them involved.

This platform provides not only entertainment and exercise, but also encourages intuitive behavior, co-ordination and cognition, all of which are skills important to childhood development

Players are improving skills, exercising and having fun the entire time they are involved with these interactive games.

Chasing frogs, smashing potatoes on the floor and crushing packs of ketchup (virtually, of course!) are some of the fun requirements of the games. Since there are many games available to play in this interactive light/sound format, children tend to stay engaged and you won’t hear the dreaded, “I’m bored!” statement at all.

Interactive Play Area Games

Here are a couple of examples of games that they can play in this format:

EMOTICONS – Players must jump on various emoticons to wake them up.

PIANO – Kids can play tunes on a virtual piano.

KETCHUP vs. MUSTARD – Children jump on and squash as many packets of these condiments as possible to score points.

HATCH – This game challenges players to save their eggs from eagles that are trying to snatch them away.

There are virtual/interactive versions of existing games, too, such as soccer and football.

This is the perfect solution to the common question…where can we take the kids today for some fun? Little ones require fast-moving, attention-grabbing graphics, and want a challenge.

Finding an activity that can engage both mind and body in a safe, indoor environment that will provide fun and exercise is not easy!

The solution is right here at Rockin’ Jump! Bring the kids and see how much they enjoy our Interactive Play Area.

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