Wondering what makes a birthday party special? Certainly, it’s not just about the gifts. Ultimately, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your child and create fun forever memories together. Truly, those are the moments you get to keep far beyond the gifts they may outgrow. Notably, it’s a challenge to enjoy those fun memories when you’re overstressed about parties and plans. Therefore, it’s imperative to find a fun indoor venue to celebrate your child and their friends. Finding kids birthday party places near me on the internet is the first step! Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem has that and more to create a great party without the stress!

Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me that Rock

Clearly, this begs the question: Why is Rockin’ Jump among the premier kids birthday party places near me to choose? For that query, we have many answers.

First, consider the stress factor. Not only are we convenient to nearly everyone in the Triad, we take care of all the details. Consequently, you get to focus on your child and their friends. In fact, adults enjoy our parties as well! After all, our jumping attractions are fun for all ages. Plus, we have relaxing spaces for older guests to relax and chat if they wish.

Additionally, all of our parties come with an expert host who handles multiple duties. From serving refreshments to clean-up, they work so that you can have fun and relax. Better yet, we provide private rooms for all of our parties no matter the package that you choose. Chill out and relax with your child and their guests while we take care of all of you!

Similarly, indoor parties are the way to go. Mother Nature isn’t always as ready to celebrate as you are. No longer must you fret over rain, heat or dropping temps. At Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem, our indoor environment is always exceptional, rain or shine.

Packages and Prices

Of course, you’re now probably wondering how much parties at Rockin’ Jump cost. Essentially, that’s up to you. Moreover, we offer multiple options to fit your budget. Keep in mind, all packages include 90 minutes of jump time and a reserved party area. Also, your dedicated host serves 2 pizzas and 2 two-liter drinks to your guests. In addition, we include Rockin’ Socks and a $5 jump card for every child jumping.

Below, consider a few of our bestselling packages:

During the party, guests have full use of our attractions including:

  • Our New Double Slingshot!
  • Dodge Ball
  • Jump Arena
  • Slam Dunk Zone
  • Rock-Climbing Wall
  • 6-&-Under Jump Zone
  • 6-&-Under Climbing House
  • Our New Parkour Blox!
  • Stunt Bag Arena
  • X-Beam
  • Interactive Play

For a nominal extra fee, we also invite guests to enjoy laser tag or they can relax in our arcade.

Today, reserve your party online. Or, give us a call at 336-896-9100. No matter what you choose, we look forward to celebrating your child’s special day with you!