fun places to have a birthday partyThanks in large part to social media, everybody knows what everybody else is doing. Whether it is their vacation, new car, or even a meal they enjoyed, social networks are flooded with pictures showing almost every aspect of somebody’s life. And a major component of all of this sharing is to show off something that someone’s followers and onlookers may not have done. If you have a child who has a birthday coming up and they want to do something that is a little different than usual, it could be because of what they may have seen some classmates or friends post online. Balloons, party hats, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey might be fun for younger children, but not so much for older kids. Now they want more action and excitement in their parties. And to make sure they get it, you need to choose wisely when searching for fun places to have a birthday party.

What makes a birthday party memorable?

The best birthday parties are the ones you always remember. And while that certainly can depend on who was there and perhaps some of the gifts that were received, it also has to do with the actual party itself. This is why a trampoline park makes an excellent party venue. No one will ever forget the day they spent jumping on trampolines and – here’s the social media component – mid-bounce, sky-high action makes for terrific pictures.

Fun and exercise: A win-win!

Another big reason to consider a trampoline park for your child’s birthday is that they will not just be sitting around stuffing food into their mouth. Even if they are not the most active kid, once they see the trampolines, they will want to start jumping and will not want to stop. A trampoline park will give them the action they want and at the same time allow them to get some exercise, something every parent will appreciate! This may actually spur your child on to seek other opportunities to be active.

Have an amazing party at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park!

Winston-Salem has no shortage of places to have a birthday party, but only a trampoline party provides the utmost fun and excitement. At Rockin’ Jump, not only do we have several trampolines that can be used for jumping and games including dodge ball and basketball, we also have an arcade, climbing wall, foam pit, and an assortment of other great things to do. In addition, if you let us host your birthday party, we can pretty much handle everything for you. We have different party packages that give everyone plenty of jumping time, pizza, drinks, and even a special gift for the birthday boy or girl! Plus, you do not have to worry about setting things up or any of the clean-up involved. A birthday at Rockin’ Jump lets your child have a day they and their friends will always remember and allows you to throw an effortless party.