Making Trampoline Part of Your Weekly Fun with Rockin' Jump!

If you’ve been thinking about making a trampoline part of your fun lately, you’re not the only one. SHAED says it best in her hit melody Trampoline:

I’ve been havin’ dreams
Jumpin’ on a trampoline
Flippin’ in the air
I never land, just float there
As I’m looking up
Suddenly the sky erupts
Flames alight the trees
Spread to fallin’ leaves
Now they’re right upon me… 

Sound delightful? At Rockin’ Jump, we certainly think so!

How to Make a Trampoline Part of Your Flying Fun

Obviously, no skies shall erupt and no leaves will fall upon you since we have an indoor venue. However, we love the imagery that you can conjure as you flip and float in our bounce arena. In fact, making a trampoline part of your indoor play makes even better sense. After all, skies erupting in rain or snow can dampen the fun a bit! At Rockin’ Jump, the weather is always fabulous.

Plus, you don’t have to just dream about a bounce through the air. We make it simple to schedule your jump time online. Or, just show up during our regular operating hours and create your own song of bounce and floating peace. Literally, you CAN create your own song now that TikTok is all the rage! Plus, we’d love to see your masterpieces and welcome you to share them online!

Ultimately, you can have a bounce of fun as often as you wish and save money! Currently, we offer memberships so that you can jump for as little as $1.66 per day. Keep in mind, you must purchase your membership in-store and they are available for a limited time.

Choose from Multiple Fun Attractions

Moreover, if you’re wondering how many trampoline attractions we have, you’ll probably like our answer. We provide much more than just an indoor jump arena. Our diverse attractions offer options for all sorts of fabulous activities.

Come experience our:

  • Ninja Course – Swing on the branches of ropes and climb heights above a cushiony surface
  • Parkour Blox – Swiftly, navigate barriers and hone agility
  • Foam Pit Arena – Defy gravity with a safe surface beneath when you finally float back to earth
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Practice high-flying pro dunking
  • X-Beam – Challenge your friends to friendly competition
  • Dodge Ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • 6-&-Under Jumping Zone – Visit our supervised hopping area zoned for our younger guests
  • Arcade – Chill out a bit and play your favorite classics and win tickets for our prize center

Additionally, we offer specialized sessions and events for all ages. For instance, Rockin’ Tots’ sessions provide safe fun for toddlers. During Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings, bring your littlest loves for 2 hours of jump time. Of course, parents are welcome to bounce with little kids too. The entrance fee is only $5 per person! Conversely, Parents Night Out is a great opportunity to drop your children (ages 5-12) off for supervised sessions. While you get a break, they get to hop their energy away. That’s a win for everyone!

Exciting Events

Furthermore, we host an Adventure Camp, Gaming Tournaments and After Dark. Each of these unique sessions add a new twist to our indoor play activities. From strobe lights and music to experiments, movies, and crafts, Rockin’ Jump is truly an adventure for all! For full details, visit our website and click on the Events tab at the top of the page.

So, make trampoline part of your fun today! Bounce to your favorite tunes or make a little bit of your own music. For more information, give us a call at 336-355-1585 in Greensboro or 336-896-9100 in Winston-Salem. We look forward to seeing you!