YouTube has added to the popularity of parkour, even though it has been around since the 90s.  In fact, it’s one of the most-watched physical extreme sports out there. Topping views of snowboarding, skating and surfing, it’s here to stay. Consequently, there are even rumors that the International Olympic Committee is gaining interest as well. Better yet, if you’d like to do a little more than just watch it, we have the perfect venue!

Specifically, Rockin’ Jump Greensboro designed a physical course for kids ages 12-18 to hone their skills and expertise. This BRAND-NEW attraction is available in Greensboro and is a safe and fun space for our guests. Moreover, we have numerous other attractions for all ages. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Parkour

Not only is Parkour an ongoing training trend, it’s a fantastic workout. Evolving from a training discipline, it uses movement developed in military obstacle courses. Essentially, participants aim to propel their bodies from one point to another using objects in their environment. Running, jumping, swinging, rolling and vaulting are just a few of the techniques and skills involved.

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the concept, imagine yourself as a kid. Did you ever create a game of hopping from one piece of furniture to another? All the while, the floor was a bottomless lake or bed of lava that you couldn’t touch? A parkour course is a bit like that minus the lava, of course. Well, at least not at Rockin’ Jump Greensboro! Plus, our trampolines add a little extra bounce to help propel your body to new heights and achievements.

Similarly, we also have a new Ninja Course designed for the ultimate competition with yourself or friends. Swing and climb above a cushiony service (as we said, no lava involved!) with savvy skills to win bragging rights. Furthermore, it’s a great training ground to improve hand-eye coordination and agility.

Additional Attractions at Rockin’ Jump Greensboro

However, we don’t end the fun there. Although, if that’s all you want to experience, we provide hours of excitement testing your skills and nimbleness. Just a few of our additional attractions include:

  • Dodge Ball Deftly, dodge incoming friendly-fire to win the ultimate bouncy dodge ball competition.
  • Foam Pit Arena. Ultimately, defy physical gravity with a safe surface beneath you when you finally come back to earth.
  • Rock Wall. Swiftly, scale new altitudes and view Rockin’ Jump from the highest point in the room!
  • X-Beam. In our X-Beam arena, combat a buddy or new friend in a jousting battle of wit and dexterity.
  • Slam Dunk Zone. Skillfully, bounce the basketball and yourself for the winning shot.
  • Jump Arena. Finally, skip, hop and soar in our well-supervised classic trampoline area.
  • Arcade. If your body needs a break, chill out in our arcade with fun games for all.
  • 6-and-Under Jump Zone. Of course, we have a safe space for our younger guests too, where they can enjoy jumping fun.

Staff members oversee every arena to ensure that everyone has a great time, but safely!

Additionally, we offer specialized activities such as After Dark. When the sun goes down, our laser lights and strobes turn the night up. On Friday and Saturday evenings, we offer these special glow-in-the-dark sessions with rockin’ music and rockin’ fun. Keep in mind, we host planned group activities and birthdays as well. Whether you’re looking for team-building or just a fun celebration, our indoor venue is perfect for multiple occasions.

Today, reserve your tickets online for any day of the week during operating hours! You can choose how long you would like to spend visiting our attractions. After jumping, climbing and soaring, many people enjoy relaxing in our arcade or on our massage chairs. We look forward to seeing you!