All through the week you’ve been busy and stressed and now, you’re just looking to relax. Weekends are meant for fun. Are you planning to have a parents’ night out or a fun family evening? Plus, why not burn some calories and get a great workout while you’re at it? Where can you have fun while also staying fit? At the new parkour blox at Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem! Combining the best of parkour with giant trampolines, this attraction is challenging and exciting. Furthermore, parkour is the latest workout craze. Now, try parkour near me and see what all the rage is about!

Parkour Near Me – Try Rockin’ Jump’s New Attraction

Currently, parkour is all the rage. More than just your typical workout, it tests mental capabilities as well as physical. First, parkour comes from the French word parcours which translates to “the way through,” or “the path.” Basically, this describes the objective, which is to quickly get from one point to another by any means possible. In other words, it’s like an obstacle course. However, where it differs is its ability to test participants’ brains. For example, rather than having a clear path, parkour challenges you to think critically and creatively. Not all the obstacles are in a straightforward pattern. Therefore, two people could complete the course very differently.

At Rockin’ Jump, we took the parkour basics and pared them with our indoor giant trampolines. The result is our epic new parkour course. In our indoor version, you must jump, flip and vault your way over our various-sized blocks known as blox. There are no wrong ways to complete the course as long as you’re having fun! Moreover, try it solo or race against friends for the fastest time. When you try parkour near me the fun is endless!

Double Slingshot = Double the Fun!

Another new attraction at our indoor Winston-Salem location is our Double Slingshot. Have you always wanted to soar high into the air? Well, here’s your chance! Jump up to 20 feet in the air in our slingshot! Additionally, there’s two of them so you and a friend can jump at the same time! Practice your flips or just enjoy the rush of gravity as you launch yourself up then plummet down. Either way, you’re sure to have double the fun in our Double Slingshot!

Other Winston-Salem Attractions

In addition to parkour and the double slingshot, our Winston-Salem location has plenty of other attractions for everyone in the family:

  • Open Jump area

o   Our open jump area lets children jump anyway they want

  • Stunt Bag Arena

o   Flip, jump and soar into a giant pit of foam blocks

  • Dodge Ball

o   Play the ultimate game of dodge ball with our giant trampolines

  • X-Beam

o   Fight to the “death” and be the last one standing

  • Lazer Frenzy

o   Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Avoid the lasers and find out!

  • Slam Dunk Zone

o   Score a sweet slam dunk and live out your NBA dreams

  • Rock-Climbing Wall

o   Race to the top and conquer our giant rock-climbing wall

  • 6-&-Under Jump Zone

o   Small children can safely jump in their own area

  • Interactive Play

o   Toddlers will love interacting and playing games with colorful images on the floor

  • 6-&-Under Climbing House

o   Smaller kids will love exploring this climbing house

  • Arcade

o   Visit the arcade and play all your favorite games

  • Massage Chairs

o   Parents can enjoy a massage while watching their children jump

  • Snack bar

o   Finally, everyone needs a break. Hence, grab some rockin’ food and refill your energy

After Dark Fun in Winston-Salem

Visit us at night and take advantage of our After Dark hours. Every Friday and Saturday night from 7 to 10 pm, our trampoline park transforms into a glow-in-the-dark world! For just $19.95, you get two hours of jump time, a glow in the dark necklace and a rockin’ t-shirt. In addition, you’ll need to jump in our special socks which are available for purchase for only $2.50. These socks are reusable. Thus, save your pair and plan another visit with us! Lastly, we always have fun surprises happening at night. Games, contests, raffles, giveaways, tournaments, live DJs, and even special guest stars are all things you could experience. So, what are you waiting for? The night isn’t getting any younger. Book your visit to Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem today! Or, give us a call at 336-896-9100.