When looking for things for your kids to do, of course you want them to have fun. But, it is always nice when they can get some exercise and maybe learn something too. Rock climbing in Winston Salem fills the bill nicely! This activity offers an assortment of benefits, including:

A great workout

Rock climbing involves using a lot of different muscles. It is an excellent way for kids to be active and get a full-body workout.

Better coordination

And, because feet and hands have to work together, rock climbing is a great way to improve coordination. Of course, this is a good skill to work on especially if kids participate in other sports.

Improved problem-solving abilities

Rock climbing itself starts off with a problem: How do I get from here to there? Then, kids have to figure out how to accomplish this. Therefore, rock climbing in Winston Salem is good for the body and the mind.

Boosted self-esteem

It can be a little daunting staring up at a tall climbing wall. But when a child climbs it, they will immediately feel proud of their achievement. Even if they can’t get to the top, for some kids just getting off the ground could be momentous.

Rock climbing is even good for kids with special needs

One of the best aspects of rock climbing is that almost all kids can do it. It can be helpful for kids with different disabilities, including physical, sensory, and cognitive.

Rock climbing in Winston Salem is just one thing you’ll find at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

At Rockin’ Jump, we may be best known for our trampolines, but we have tons of other attractions. These include the fun and challenging rock climbing wall. We also have a laser maze, arcade, and play areas specifically for little ones. This is on top of our trampoline basketball and dodge ball areas. Visit us to see everything we offer!