Every mother has been there. It’s almost a child’s birthday, and she thinks, “What do we do this year? I need some new birthday party ideas that are easier than what I’ve done before. What do I do?”

We now have an answer for you! Rockin’ Jump in Winston-Salem, NC. Not only is it super fun, but it’s very affordable and eliminates the work you normally would have to do! Here are a few of the birthday party ideas that Rockin’ Jump can accommodate!

King or Queen of the Tower!

Winston-Salem’s Rockin’ Jump has a rock wall as part of their indoor trampoline facility. Invite party guests to come and test their strength. See who will be the King or Queen of the Tallest Tower! Party-goers can race the birthday boy or girl or they can participate in relay races. What a fun game that gets everyone involved, participating, and having a good laugh.

Dodge Ball Competition

As an adult, don’t you have fond memories of dodge ball games? What better way to elevate the game than to put it in the middle of an indoor trampoline park? Guests can squeal with laughter while they leap from one trampoline to another. All the while, they’ll be hoping to miss the treacherous balls sailing through the air.

Basketball Tournament

Outdoor basketball hoops meet indoor trampolines for a wild and amazing combination. All the guests will love slamming dunks. Split them into teams and see what team comes out on top.

Many More Birthday Party Ideas

There are a lot more birthday party ideas that Rockin’ Jump in Winston-Salem could accommodate. Call to speak to Brandy Holler at 336.814.9865 about scheduling one today. If you can’t think of an idea, Brandy will be glad to help you.

Make sure you check out Rockin’ Jump’s website. On the website, you will find pricing, as well as services Rockin’ Jump is willing to provide. For example, did you know that each guest gets their own pair of neon, flashy socks to wear? Party favors, check!

Multiple age groups? Did you know they had a special room just for ages six and under? Safety for little ones, check! In fact, according to Brandi Welch, “My nephew’s 13th birthday party was here and I brought my 2-year-old son. There was something to do for everyone! All the kids had a blast!”

Did you know that Rockin’ Jump takes care of all the cleaning? Clean-up, check! As Brandy Holler mentions, “Birthday parties at Rockin’ Jump allow the birthday child and guests to be excited, engaged and active. The parents can simply take in the experience as our party hosts take care of every detail.” Let Rockin’ Jump take the work out of your birthday party.