Hosting a birthday party for a teen is a challenging endeavor. Often, what they want this minute changes dramatically seemingly milliseconds later. Then, you’re left wondering how to go about planning an event for days, or even weeks, in the future. Therefore, it’s imperative to find teenage party ideas that fit their whimsical and mercurial moods. Finding a venue that hosts a variety of activities for the honoree and party guests helps solve this issue.

Two Teenage Party Ideas that Rock!

Initially, think about what you do at a party. Mainly, the basic goal of gathering friends to celebrate. Generally, it’s to share some experiences and joy together. Since not every teen enjoys the same thing, a diverse game plan helps. Moreover, teenage party ideas typically involve less party games and more social time. The two birthday party ideas below fit all directives!

Plan a Mall or Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things to find in your local mall or a safe area downtown. Split party guests into teams and have them take photos of each item found. Once the game is complete, treat guests to a snack in the food court or a local treat shop downtown.

While this is a creative idea, it involves supervision and a bit of pre-planning. Especially, if you choose a mall. For instance, it’s wise to let stores know ahead of time that they’re part of your scavenger hunt. Better yet, providing money to make a small purchase in a few stores is considerate. For example, you could add a few extra dollars in the game for small items. A pair of sunglasses, some nail polish or a candy bar make fantastic treats for the scavenger hunt winners. Also, doing so ensures that your small disruption doesn’t disgruntle store owners.

Select a Venue with Multiple Activities for Party Guests

Since each teen may have a different idea of what’s fun, choosing a place that offers numerous activities makes sense. Better yet, many venues do all the work for you. Essentially, all you need to do is show up!

Almost literally, and our favorite venue, is Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem which totally rocks! After all, it actually has a ROCK-climbing wall! Plus, there are tons of other attractions that fit nearly any personality.

Why Does Rockin’ Jump Rock?

First, check out all the great activities birthday party attendees choose from:

  • Jump Arena – Practice, jump and dive as you wish
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • Arcade – Take a breather with some fan favorites
  • Dodge Ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Stunt Bag Arena – Fly, flip and soar into cushioned fun
  • Lazer Frenzy – Conquer a high-tech mission like a super-spy
  • X-Beam – Challenge your friends to a little friendly competition
  • Interactive Play – Interact and get moving with kid-friendly projected images – great for the younger siblings!

Second, Rockin Jump provides great glowing evening parties during their After Dark festivities. In fact, it’s one of the few venues in the Triad that hosts diverse neon nighttime fun. During these sessions, enjoy additional party games for everyone. From Instagram contests and giveaways to dodge ball mini tournaments and raffles, it’s a blast! Having a party on a Friday or Saturday night includes the additional fun of the After Dark event! Lights dim, black lights and lasers flash and the music cranks up. The party atmosphere continues from 7 to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

We Rock for Parents Too!

Finally, Rockin’ Jump rocks for parents too! Your dedicated party host handles all the details while you focus on having fun. From set-up to clean-up, you’re in great hands. Additionally, we include a private party room to enjoy refreshments after game time. Be sure to check out our free invitations as well. Yet another great time-saver.

With three levels of birthday party packages, it’s easy to find the best fit. All include pizza and soda. If you choose a Gold or Platinum party, each guest also gets a $5 arcade card, ICEEs and more.

Keep in mind, if younger siblings attend, they get to play too! The 6-&-under Jump Zone and Climbing house are perfect to handle their energy as well. And, adults always enjoy a little bouncing fun. Join in dodge ball, slam dunking or just jump around with your family and friends!

Today, book your party package online. Or, give us a call at 336-896-9100.