Do You Need a New Teens Birthday Party Option?

It isn’t always easy to find new and exciting ways to host birthday parties for your teenagers. If you host the party at home there’s cleaning and decorating to do before guests arrive. After the party there’s more cleaning. You have to find room for leftovers and coax lingering guests out the door. There’s an alternative to that at Rockin’ Jump, the Ultimate Trampoline Park. Let them host your teens birthday party. Rockin’ Jump offers a super fun party experience that includes set-up and clean-up! That’s a win for parents, and means everyone gets to have more fun.

So, What Does Rockin’ Jump Have That a Party at Your House Doesn’t?

Find several amazing options for your teens birthday at Rockin’ Jump. In addition to tons of physical activities and an arcade, parents can choose a convenient party package. Each party package offers pizza, soda, and jump time for a specified number of guests. Parties are more than two hours long. They include set-up and clean-up, 90 minutes of jump time, and a gift for the birthday celebrant. You will even have a dedicated party host! They will oversee the event and keep things moving and fun for all guests.

Some of the featured attractions include:

  • After Dark: Jump in a crazy laser show! The After Dark attraction features lasers, black lights, strobe lights, and loud music. All of the things that a teen enjoys! This is a weekend event, so you may want to plan a party to include the After Dark event time frame.
  • X-Beam Jousting and Basketball: So many activities that teens will enjoy. They like competing and this is the perfect place to hone their skills.
  • Arcade: Take a break from jumping in the huge arcade. Play the latest games. Good for a few minutes or hours of fun.
  • Dodge Ball Arena: Maximize the fun by setting up a competition in the Dodge Ball Arena. Combine old school dodge ball with the ultimate trampoline for a great, one-of-a-kind party!

Winston-Salem Rockin’ Jump provides the solution you need to your birthday problem for a teenager. Visit the website to learn more about other attractions and different events you can enjoy. Visit the website to learn more, or contact them today to book your party.