When you search for things to do near me in Winston-Salem, great results abound in the Triad.  Equally important, it’s helpful to find indoor options since it gets a little toasty this time of year.  Especially, this is true when you’re trying to figure out what do with kids.  Generally, when temperatures go up, temperaments go downhill.  Therefore, to truly experience quality time together, it’s wise to spend it in a climate-controlled environment. Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem is the perfect venue.  So, bring your kids and friends to cool off and have some bonding and bounding fun today!

Top 10 Things to Do Near Me

Before you arrive, get an idea of what you will do during your visit.  We’ve made a list of our top 10 things to do near me once you get here.  After all, every attraction will be just a few steps, or hops, away!

  1. First, fly into a flipping frenzy in our newest attraction. The Double Slingshot soars you to altitudes of 20 feet of pure excitement!
  2. Deftly, dart and duck while avoiding soft fluffy balls flying your way. Nothing compares to the classic thrill of Dodge Ball on a bouncy trampoline!
  3. Likewise, show off your savvy basketball skills in our Slam Dunk Zone. With trampoline pads launching you high in the air, you’ll be a high-flying superstar.
  4. Additionally, don’t just fly upwards. Climb to the top of the fun! Our Rock-Climbing Wall provides a fun challenge to race friends and family.
  5. Uniquely, test your speed, power and strength on our Parkour Blox. Vault over foam blocks and test your agility on our Freestyle court.
  6. In our Stunt Bag Arena, feel the freedom of flying, flipping and jumping in our JumpSafe® clean environment.
  7. Choose a padded lance and test your balance in a friendly game of X-Beam
  8. Of course, our Jump Arena is still a hit for all of our guests. Perform aerial acrobatics freestyle while our staff monitors safe play from all angles.
  9. Finally, if you want a little break from the flipping and bouncing, complete a mission in our Lazer Frenzy. Slink like a superspy through a web of laser beams as you fulfill your sneaky task.
  10. Correspondingly, take a breather in the Rockin Jump Redemption Arcade. After game play, take your game card to the redemption desk and see what you’ve earned!

Specialized Areas and Events

Moreover, we have supervised play areas for 6-and-under kids as well.   On our main court, find the specially set-aside jump area.  Afterwards, check out our Climbing House.  This kid-friendly play spot offers hours of safe fun filled with climbing and sliding action.   Or, check out our Interactive Play area which is also fabulous for our junior visitors.

Speaking of our younger guests, we also offer a dedicated time for parents to have fun with their smaller children.  Specifically, we host Rockin’ Tots Wednesday through Sunday mornings.   During this time, we offer specialized events such as PJ and Best Friend Day.  For only $10, you get 2 hours of jump time with one child.  Each additional child is $5.  Similarly, we host Parent’s Night Out on the first Saturday of every month from 6-10 pm.  As you get some time to yourself, we provide fun, food and drinks for the kiddos!

Conversely, visit and play with the older kids with some glowing fun.  Every Friday and Saturday night, lasers, black lights and strobes transform our park.  This Rockin’ After Dark party includes 2 hours of jump time, 1 Rockin’ t-shirt and a glow necklace for $19.95.

Today, reserve your tickets for any of the events above.  Or, give us a call at 336-896-9100!