Today, when people feel extremely bored, they often turn to their phones or other electronic devices. Usually, this is not the healthiest route. Although it’s fine in small amounts, you can easily overdose on this quick fix to occupy your mind. In a sense, it becomes junk food for your brain. Therefore, it’s wise to find some other fun things to do when bored to add variety to your life.

Things to Do When Bored

Instead of going immediately to your phone, create a challenge for yourself to fight boredom blues. When our brain has a goal, it has a mission. And, a brain with a mission is less likely to experience boredom signals. For example, learn something new when you have time to spare. This can be anything from a new language or a new dance to a new song. In fact, combine a little bit of each and learn the words to a familiar song in a different language. Not only is it fun, you can dance while you’re doing it and get a little exercise as well! Also, this is a great activity for kids to enjoy.

To stave off boredom in the first place, be prepared. For instance, keep a few books in the car or on the coffee table. Better yet, create a plan of things to do when you’re bored. In fact, this is another great activity for kids to do when they utter those dreaded words – “I’m bored!.” Literally, have them make a list of fun activities. Next time those words spill out, refer them to their sheet of ideas on things to do. For a few more ideas on things people do when they’re bored, check out Life Hacks’ article.

Move Your Mind and Body

Moreover, boredom is actually an opportunity. Not only can you fill your mind with knowledge, it’s a great moment to get your body moving. Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem has a multitude of boredom-busting activities!

Their indoor attractions include:

  • Slam Dunk Zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • Dodge Ball Arena – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Jump Arena – Practice, jump and dive as you wish
  • Stunt Bag Arena – Fly, flip and soar into cushioned fun
  • X-Beam Jousting – Challenge your friends to a little friendly competition
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • 6-and-Under Climbing House – Keep it calmer in our climbing area zoned for our younger guests
  • 6-and-Under Jump Zone – Enjoy jumping fun for kids 6 and under
  • Arcade – Take a breather with some fan favorites
  • Lazer Frenzy – Conquer a high-tech mission like a super-spy
  • Interactive Play – Interact and get moving with kid-friendly projected images

If those aren’t enough things to do when bored to death, check out their very popular Battle Royale tournaments. Players of all skill levels, ages 7 and up, are welcome to join. In the tournament entry fee, they include After Dark admission and 3 hours of jumping time as a bonus!

Mary agrees that Rockin’ Jump is a great place to add variety to your entertainment options. She took her family to enjoy some of their activities and kindly wrote a 5-Star Google review. “Great place for kids!” We agree, Mary. Plus, adults dig it too!

To find out more, visit Rockin’ Jump in Winston-Salem (or Greensboro). Keep in mind, you can buy tickets online as well!