If you’ve ever wondered how kids playing on a trampoline relates to whales, you’re probably in extremely rare company. However, you’d also be quite wise to form that strange connection. In fact, evidence suggests that the Inuit originally connected those random dots. During a spring celebration of their annual whale harvest, they would bounce dancers into the air on walrus skins. Fortunately, that’s interesting but not exactly how we roll at Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem! Although, we imagine it was a ball for spectators. Ultimately, our trampoline activities are a bit tamer but we still have tons of ideas for playing and fun!

Ideas for Trampoline Activities

Years of evidence show that children and adults alike enjoy bouncing and flying through the air. Since we don’t have wings nor springs for feet, we must look for other ideas to soar. Playing into that thought resulted in ideas of trampoline games to achieve this lofty goal. With that in mind, Rockin’ Jump developed some of the most exciting trampoline games around! Keep in mind, no whales or walruses are involved!

Nonetheless, we still think your children (and YOU!) will absolutely have a ball enjoying these trampoline activities on your visit:

  • Jump arena – Practice, jump, and dive as you wish. Don’t forget to utilize our parkour course here!
  • Slam dunk zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • Rock-climbing wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • 6-&-under jump zone – Allow your smaller guests to safely jump with friends their own size
  • Dodge ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Stunt bag arena – Fly, flip and soar into cushioned fun
  • X-beam – Challenge your friends to friendly competition
  • Interactive play – Interact with kid-friendly projected images
  • 6-&-under climbing house – Visit our climbing area with zones for younger guests

Finally, we want to give a very specific shout-out to our newest attraction for trampoline games – The Slingshot. Within its bouncy embrace, you’ll fly to an altitude of up to 20 feet. Also, for a fun weekend night, be sure to check out our After Dark sessions. This bounce experience includes all the normal festivities with the added entertainment of lasers and strobe lights.

Basic Benefits of Playing While Exercising

Foremost, few will disagree that ideas of incorporating playing time for your children into exercise goals is unwise. Indeed, it’s a fantastic option because simply trying to force exercise gives the endeavor a bad rap. Why shouldn’t we all have a ball while making our bodies healthier?

Essentially, this begs the question, are trampoline games good for you? Furthermore, is taking a moment to bounce on a trampoline good for cardio? Keeping in mind the vein of thought that enjoyable exercising encourages continuous motion, both are a resounding “Yes!” At Rockin’ Jump, we adamantly believe that fitness should be fun. Moreover, we want you to come bounce about so that you can enjoy yourself in a safe environment. The added perk of keeping your body fit is icing on the cake.

Celebrate a Birthday Without any Work Involved!

Speaking of cake, we host birthday parties too! Therefore, you can encourage activity not just for your own children but their friends as well. Besides, it’s a fabulous opportunity to enjoy trampoline style games on surfaces other than your couch. Better yet, our party hosts help you too. Consequently, adults get to enjoy themselves as well. Another benefit – no cleanup afterward! Your party host handles all of the details. Choose from 3 packages, depending on the number of guests.

So, get your kids and friends hopping as soon as possible! Today, go ahead and reserve your ticket for Open Jump, Battle Royale Tournaments, Home School Jump, Junior Jumpers or After Dark festivities! Wherever you are in the Piedmont Triad area, we are a short jump away, with parks in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Feel free to call us at 336-355-1585 in Greensboro or 336-896-9100 in Winston-Salem.