By Michelle Chase

When I was pregnant my kids, I knew that I’d be up late, helping with homework, cooking and cleaning all the time– but I never thought too much about a kids birthday party until I had to plan them. At first it was really hard. Kids can be finicky. Really finicky. They’ll like something one week and then hate it the next. Although their tough to please attitude did fade a little over time, one thing remained the same: they are extremely hyper.

I realized their mega-hyper minds needed mega-activities to mellow them out and keep them healthy. At first I tried showing them my favorite physical activities like hiking, swimming, running, but they hated it. Wanted nothing to do with it. But then they found the love for trampolines and it’s been that way ever since.

I’ve had a few birthday parties at Rockin’ Jump for both of my kids and their friends. So I wanted to share my experience and a few gifs of awesomeness from my fellow jumpers:

Why have a kids birthday party at Rockin’ Jump?

Having a kids birthday party at Rockin’ Jump is super easy:

For me it was as easy as booking the kids birthday party online, wrangling up the group and heading to the nearest RJ in Dublin, CA. It was nice taking kids to a place that was built for the occasion instead of worrying over the prep and clean up at my house. Everything went smooth from start to finish.

Your kids are going to have an incredible amount of fun:

If your kids are anything like mine, chances are they’re going to have a ridiculous amount of sheer unadulterated fun.

A kids birthday party is a memory that will last a lifetime:

I bet you can remember a few choice birthdays from your childhood right off the bat. I know I can. And when I really think about it, it was when everyone was having a good time (including my parents). I can only hope my kids look back their childhood the way I look back at mine.

The staff are friendly and helpful:

I’ve never run into any rude staff through my years of going to Rockin’ Jump. Although I have to admit I’m pretty biased considering how often I go there (which puts me on a first name basis). Anyhow, they’re always there to watch the little ones and be genuinely helpful.

Rockin’ Jump has a commitment to the community:

Going beyond the friendly staff and the welcoming environment, I always enjoyed the fact that RJ has a community of regulars like myself.
Like any good local business, Rockin’ Jump consistently strengthens ties within the community. They host fundraiser parties for charities, donate to  breast cancer societies, work with other charity groups such as: Camp Taylor, Rooms of Hope, and School of Imagination.

Also, during the month of November as a part of the Wayne Coy’s Toys program, there will be toy collection bins in front of the Fremont and the Dublin locations. The collected toys will be donated to foster children. The effort is in partnership with local radio station KKIQ and Sleep Train Foster Kids program. The radio-thon will take place on December 2nd in front of Toys R Us in Dublin between 5-9 AM.

As you can see, Rockin’ Jump treats everyone like friends and family and it’s why I keep going back.

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