There’s nothing more exciting than catching some sweet air on a trampoline. But did you know that trampolines can also bring new life into classic schoolyard games?

We put this list together to jumpstart your brain and your body!

These games are an excellent addition to keeping people motivated to exercise and keeping people healthy to boot. Try out these trampoline games next time you’re bouncing your way to better health:

1. H-O-R-S-E


Challenge your friends to a trampoline trick contest and try to be number one. While this game is traditionally associated with the basketball court, the basic rules can be applied on the trampoline floor as well.

Rules: Flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to decide who flips first. The first person has to call out their move and then land it. Pending the first person lands their trick, the other players then have to copy it. Anyone who messes up the trick has a letter added to their score. The first to spell out h-o-r-s-e loses. But remember, don’t try to do any tricks you’re not comfortable doing. Safety first.

2. Bounce Battle:


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Like horse, a bounce battle could theoretically involve tricks. But unlike horse, a true bounce battle is a game of sheer endurance. As far as trampoline games go, the bounce battle is more of a competitive exercise.

Rules: Two or more players face off by doing seat drops until they no longer have the energy to keep going. The first one to stop or lose balance gets a lonely silver medal (unless of course there are other players). You can change it up by alternating between seat drops and other kinds of trampoline exercises.

3. Simon Says


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Another great classic that can be turned into a trampoline game. Simon Says is great for youngsters who want to build up their strength and hone their concentration skills.

Rules: Simon Says is best to play with at least three people. One person is designated as “Simon.” Simon gives a series of commands that the other players have to follow. Each player has to repeat “Simon says to do _______” while they perform the move or trick. If a player forgets to say “simon says,” they’re out! Last one standing wins!

4. Dodge Ball:


Dodgeball is clearly one of the best trampoline games out there. Trampoline dodgeball is much more fun than traditional dodgeball because it requires more hand-eye coordination and spatial recognition. It’s not always easy to jump around and hit your target.

Rules: Divide your players up evenly into two teams and line up on two sides of the trampoline court. Distribute the dodgeballs evenly to all players. Once the game begins, the goal is to hit the opposite team. Once someone is hit, they’re out. However, you can catch an opponent’s throw and get them out of the game. First team to knock out the opposition wins. Be careful! This is the most competitive you’ll get while playing trampoline games.

5. Basketball Dunks


Trampoline games don’t get much better than the slam dunk challenge. At Rockin’ Jump, you can practice some sweet moves and play basketball at the same time.

Rules: You can use the rules for horse or you can just have fun improving your dunks. There’s a reason why the NBA busts out the trampoline during halftime (psst, because it’s super fun).

6. Hot Potato


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For whatever reason, hot potato has always been a favorite game for children. I still can’t figure out why, but perhaps it was my imagination that really made me believe the ball was hot. The added benefit of a trampoline is sure to make things interesting.

Rules: Three or more players gather around and pass a ball between each other while jumping. The first person to drop the ball or stop jumping is out. The last person standing is the winner. But you have to be quick, holding onto the ball is grounds for an out.

7. Dance Battle


We all know trampolines are sweet for tricks and big air, but dancing can be just as fun. Many Rockin’ Jumps have Rockin’ Fridays which allows our guests to enjoy the best of a dance hall and trampoline park.Rules: Dance like nobody’s watching. Or alternatively, have a dance-off with your friends.