At Rockin’ Jump Burlington we recently opened up a new fitness class called “Rockin’ Robics” held Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm and Thursdays from 9am-10am for $12 per session.

Here are 4 things you need to know about our brand new fitness class!

1. Rockin’ Robics is a fusion workout between Aerobics and Trampoline jumping. It is a one hour challenging yet fun workout led by fitness trained professionals. The one hour class is packed with stretching, gymnastic jumping, and fast paced lunges.

2. Rockin’ Robics is an open level fitness class for ages 13 and up. Anyone from any fitness background can come join and go at their own pace. This class is supposed to get everyone moving and sweating while having fun!

3. Rockin’ Robics is led by two instructors Erin and Maja. They are both professional fitness trainers and have years of experience helping others meet their fitness needs.

4. There is accommodation for your child on Tuesday Nights! Should your child want to simply free jump and enjoy the park, they can accompany a Rockin’Robics guest for an additional $3 only while the parent gets to work out!

We hope to see you at one of these classes and don’t forget to bring a towel! You’re going to need it! 🙂