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Working at a ROCKIN’ JUMP trampoline park is unlike any other work opportunity you will find. We’re not a gym, yet we provide a strenuous workout environment where you can help people young and old get into shape. We’re not your typical type of playhouse for children, yet our visitors have more fun than they’ve ever had at a public venue. We’re not a sports arena, yet we offer league play and the opportunity for you to show our guests how to let out their inner Michael Jordan. And we’re not a rigid schoolyard where our guests can’t try out some crazy acrobatics, yet we rely on you to ensure everyone knows their limits and plays as safely as possible.

As a member of our ROCKIN’ Staff, YOU are the front line in our customer service program. Without the daily effort staff like you put in, there would be no ROCKIN’ JUMP. We are not currently hiring. We will have an online application on the page when we are hiring in the future.

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Rockin Jump Front Desk Team

“This is the best company I’ve ever worked for. The executive leadership team really invested in my longterm growth! I highly recommend jump starting your career with Rockin’ Jump.”

Peter Brown