An Up and Down Birthday Party For Lunchbox Dad’s Son

We were happy to see that Lunchbox Dad, Beau Coffron, chose Rockin’ Jump Fremont when he decided to celebrate his son’s fifth birthday.  Afterwards, he wrote about their day and the fun experience, and shared his thoughts at Lunchbox Dad Blog.

He wrote, “Every parent desires for their kids to have wonderful birthday parties that create glorious long-lasting memories. You know the type, parties that spark conversation every time a picture of the event is seen. They don’t have to be lavish, or expensive, just the kind of parties that remain in the forefront of the family’s minds. The news is filled with parents giving outlandish suarez (sic) for their children. My wife and I don’t believe that the amount of money spent is what matters. Instead, it’s the people that attend, the environment, and the small touches that create a memorable experience. When my wife and I planned my son’s fifth birthday party we wanted it to be at a place that  was local, but also new to him. We could have chosen the pizza place with the mouse, but instead we decided on the trampoline place in our town of Fremont called Rockin’ Jump.”

It appears that the kids had a great time.  The adults too!

Regarding the parents experience at of the Rockin’ Jump Birthday Party he revealed, “It bears mentioning that one of the fantastic parts of having our party here was that the adults all thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. Many children’s parties are about the kids, and the adults are sometimes just excited when it is over. It was not the case here. Every adult I talked with only had positive things to say about their time at Rockin’ Jump.”

Great work team Fremont, and thank you Beau for this great story.  You can find Lunchbox Dad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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