Webhelp Requests

Completion time of standard requests: Please provide us 48 hours for requests to be completed

Friday requests: For changes required on a Friday, please submit your requests by 10am PT and we will do our best to accommodate the same-day request

Weekend requests: Weekend requests are only in case of emergencies. For standard requests submitted on the weekend, our team will start on these changes the following Monday.

This form can only be used to submit requests for a single park location at a time. If you have multiple locations requiring updates, please fill out this form for each of your separate locations.

Example: Eagan, Dublin OH, San Carlos

How to submit requests

To submit requests, please separate all requests by page. You can have multiple changes within each page change requests. For example: all changes required for your park homepage can go in Request #1, all changes for your Promotions & Coupons page go in Request #2, etc.

We are providing up to 3 pages to be updated per form submission. If additional page updates are required, please refresh this form after submission and fill it out again.

Requested changes for page #1

Please clearly provide as much detail as possible
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