Our trampoline park isn’t just a fun family activity. It is also a great way to get some exercise. Often, families find it hard to find time for healthy activities. Additionally, it can be hard for all members of the family to enjoy the same type of exercise. Make bouncing on a trampoline part of your exercise routine. Everyone from toddlers to teens will love it. Yes, even mom and dad can have a good time at Rockin’ Jump!

Are Trampolines Good Exercise?

Trampolines aren’t just bouncy fun; they are also a good workout. A recent study found that a trampoline workout is on par with running or biking. However, study participants reported that they felt like they were only doing light to moderate exercise. In other words, this is an easy way to burn calories, on top of being a fun option for your family.

Jumping on a trampoline is such good exercise in part because it engages so many muscles. Additionally, the American Council on Exercise reports that trampolines can help with balance training and spatial awareness. In short, there’s a lot to love about trampolines if you’re looking for a family workout option.

We do recommend that you speak to your doctor first if you have any exercise-related concerns or questions. Every person is different. While trampoline jumping is healthy for most people, always consult a doctor before jumping if you are unsure.

What to do at Rockin’ Jump

Because we offer so many different trampoline attractions, you’ll never get bored at Rockin’ Jump. Here are a few ways you can enjoy your time at our park:

  • Main Jump Court: This open arena is perfect for jumpers of all ages. If you’re new to trampolines, this is where you can start to feel comfortable bouncing. You can also try different exercises in this area, like trampoline squats.
  • Slam Dunk Court: You’ll fly high in our slam dunk court. Engage your legs to jump as high as possible. Then, use hand-eye coordination for the perfect basketball dunk.
  • Ninja Course: Our ninja course is a full-body workout. You’ll need upper arm strength to get from one end to the other. In addition, you’ll engage your core muscles as you attempt to keep your balance.
  • Parkour Blox: Vault across the arena while practicing your parkour moves. This is another full-body workout area, on top of being a way to creatively work out special problem areas.
  • Foam Pit Arena: It takes a lot of strength, body awareness, and flexibility to pull off special flips. If you’ve been wanting to safely try a new flip, our foam pit arena is for you.
  • Dodge Ball: Every kid loves this classic game! On a trampoline court, dodge ball adds another layer of skill as you work to bounce and balance. You’ll be out of breath by the end, but having so much fun you won’t even notice.
  • Rock Wall: Our rock wall has multiple challenges for every skill level. You’ll work on both arm and leg strength as you climb to the top.
  • X-Beam: Need a bouncing break? Try our x-beam game with a friend. On our X-beam court, you’ll battle with padded lances to stay balanced. Again, this is another full-body workout.

All attractions are include in your ticket. You can bounce for an hour or bounce all day. Either way, it’s a health-conscious activity to do with your kids.

Best of all, it’s not weather-dependent. You can have the best intentions to run off some steam at the park. However, if it rains, you’ll be stuck at home in front of the television. Instead, come out to our park. While it storms outside, you’ll be dry and enjoying the park inside.

If it’s too cold for enjoying the outdoors, we also provide a perfect climate-controlled play area. The jump gym might be icy or too cold to grip. Of course, it can also be miserable to stand in the cold wind while the kids play. At Rockin’ Jump, you can watch from one of our massage chairs or join in the fun. This is one playground adults can enjoy alongside their kids. (And, you won’t freeze while doing it!)

The same is true on a triple-digit day in the summer; our facility is the perfect temperature. Here in North Carolina, we certainly get our fair share of hot summer days! Even in the evening, the temperatures can be unforgiving and even dangerous. Sunburns and heat stroke can happen very quickly outside. At Rockin’ Jump, you can stay out of the sun and don’t have to worry about heat-related health concerns.

Bouncing on a Trampoline – Part of a Safe Way to Get Fit

One of the biggest downsides to a backyard trampoline or even a mini-workout trampoline is the opportunity for injury. It’s important to keep your family injury-free, so we take measures to make Rockin’ Jump safe. We’ve committed to this by creating a trademarked JumpSafe safety program. As a member of the ASTM Section F24 Standards committee, we are leaders in safe operating practices. Here’s what you can expect at Rockin’ Jump in terms of safety:

  • Our staff members attend weekly calls as well as quarterly and annual meetings hosted by ASTM. The goal is to ensure we are always doing everything we can to keep our park safe. We even founded the first ASTM committee on trampoline park safety standards.
  • Every area of our jump park has at least one Jump Patrol team member. The jump patrol keeps areas safe by monitoring jumpers. We ensure that everyone is following the rules, such as taking turns. Our Jump Patrol also guides new jumpers who might be jumping improperly.
  • We limit the number of people in each jump area. Injuries can happen if jumpers are bouncing into one another. Therefore, we have a limit for the number of people total in the park and the number in each area. (This is why booking in advance is important if you want a specific jump time!)
  • While we do allow food and drinks in certain areas, attractions are food-free zones. Our café area and party rooms are the perfect place for a quick snack. However, food and drinks on the trampoline can be a choking hazard. Also, spills can make a trampoline unsafe. So, we limit eating and drinking to certain areas. If there is a spill of any kind, our Jump Patrol takes care of it immediately to ensure no one slips.
  • Our equipment is built to be safe for all jumpers. First, a thick pad covers all springs between trampoline beds. There is no way you can fall between the springs. All trampolines also have redundancy beds. Underneath the trampoline, these beds are ready to catch you in the unlike event the trampoline fails. We have also installed pads around posts and extra netting above the trampoline area. These safety precautions help ensure there are no injuries even with the wildest jumps.
  • We have a dress code with safety in mind. This dress code is simple: wear Rockin’ Jump socks! If it is your first time at Rockin’ Jump, we have socks for sale at our front desk area. Afterward, you can take them home to reuse for your next visit. Rockin’ Jump socks have a non-slip coating on the bottom. This reduces the chances of falling and also prevents friction burns. Otherwise, you can wear whatever you want to Rockin’ Jump, though work-out clothing is encouraged. The one exception is during our After Dark event, when you must wear a white or neon shirt. Obviously, it’s important for other jumpers to be able to see you even under black lights and strobes. We have white and neon Rockin’ Jump shirts in stock or you can wear your own.
  • We inspect the entire park daily. Our team members have gone through training to see potential safety issues. Every day, we start by going through the entire park to look for any problems. This is in attention to more intense equipment inspections, which we schedule regularly. Whenever needed, we repair or replace trampolines immediately.

At Rockin’ Jump, we also care about keeping you safe from illness. Whenever you have kids playing together, colds and flus can spread like wildfire. We help prevent illness by keeping our park extremely clean. Additionally, microbial hand sanitizer stations are posted throughout the park. You’re encouraged to wash or sanitize your hands regularly while jumping.

Trampoline Park Events

On top of our regular park activities, we also host special events to help you work out as a family.

If you have young kids, come out to Rockin’ Tots. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday morning, our facility is open only for kids 6 and under (and their parents). This event ensures a safe jumping environment even for younger jumpers. Join us from 10:00 AM to Noon. We even have special themes during some weeks. Click here to learn more about Rockin’ Tots.

For families with older kids, we offer Rockin’ Wednesdays. You’ll get two hours of jumping for the price of one. Learn more about Rockin’ Wednesdays here. Your ticket includes access to all Rockin’ Jump attractions.

We also host our weekly After Dark events every Friday and Saturday night. At After Dark, you’ll jump under black lights, strobes, and special lasers. Every week is different! However, some common special features at After Dark include game tournaments, a live DJ, and interactive contests and giveaways. Click here to get your After Dark tickets now.

If you’re a homeschool family, you can also come out during our special homeschool days. These events provide a great opportunity for your kids to meet new friends. Homeschool hours occur on the second Thursday of every month. Tickets are just $10 for 2 hours of jump time. Learn more about mingling with other homeschool families here.

This just scratches the surface when it comes to events at Rockin’ Jump! We host new events regularly. Additionally, our facility has party rooms where you can host your own event. On top of birthday parties, we also host corporate events, anniversaries, fraternity/sorority parties, and more. What better way to celebrate a special occasion or hold a team-building event than a private party area that includes decorations, food, and a dedicated party host? Best of all—no one has to clean up afterward! We handle all details, so your group can just have fun!

Get Your Tickets or Membership Now

Did you know you can purchase your jump time tickets ahead of time? Purchasing in advance means you never have to wait for a trampoline. Part of the reason our park is so safe is that we only allow a certain number of jumpers at one time. So, you can avoid the wait by purchasing your tickets online here.

If your family loves Rockin’ Jump, you can also become members! Membership allows you to jump every day for free. Simply show up and jump! We have both 30-day and 90-day memberships available. It’s a great way to make our already-affordable tickets even more affordable for your family. Learn more about memberships here and stop by any time to purchase a membership for your family.