An airborne trampoline provides an experience like no other. To bounce and fly freely into the air with a safe landing just beneath your toes is a gleeful feeling. This is freedom from gravity, woes and absorbing yourself in jumping joy; essentially, providing a release from restrictions. Better yet, for kids and adults, it’s fantastic exercise for your body too!

Benefits of An Airborne Trampoline

At Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem, we take recreational jumping quite seriously. Our goal is to send you soaring through the air, worry-free. Therefore, we created an indoor area for safe and fun bouncing for all.

Foremost, let’s focus on the indoor advantages. After all, if you need an area to enjoy some fun, it makes sense to make it accessible no matter the weather. While we all may appreciate a little snow, or perhaps even rain, it’s not always appropriate for all activities. Our temperature-controlled environment alleviates all weather woes, which allows you to fly as freely as you wish. Summer, winter, spring or fall, our indoor area is always perfect!

Plus, an airborne trampoline is fabulous exercise. Ultimately, you may even forget that defying gravity is good for your body. In fact, it’s a great workout. Studies show that regular exercise helps alleviate stress. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, the stress of exercising in itself can be a chore. Not only is bouncing fun, it provides great exercise! At Rockin’ Jump, we focus on fun and allow your body to benefit without even working for it.

Most importantly, we steadfastly work to keep you and your kids safe. For smaller children and adults alike, we have parameters in place to ensure everyone safely enjoys our arena. Our Jumpsafe standards keep everyone safe while they have a blast! A trained staff member oversees each activity area to ensure that everyone is having fun while being safe.

Jumping on Our Attractions

To reach the heights of airborne trampoline ecstasy (and unintentional exercise), we have many attractions available.

Just a few include:

  • Jump arena – Practice, jump and dive as you wish
  • Double Slingshot – Fly to heights of up to 20 feet within our Slingshot’s bouncy embrace
  • Parkour Blox – Soar to new pinnacles on our challenging vault course
  • Slam-dunk zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • Rock-climbing wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • Dodge Ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Stunt bag arena – Fly, flip and soar into cushioned fun
  • X-beam – Challenge your friends to friendly competition

Additionally, we offer special attractions to further your fun. From special events to camps and tournaments, we have opportunities for all tastes and ages. After Dark, Home School Jump, Gaming Tournaments and Adventure Camp are just a few of the fun experiences we offer. Our party room is available with several options from which to choose. What’s better than a birthday party at Rockin’ Jump where your party host handles all of the details? No decorations to buy and no clean-up afterward!

Saving Money

Finally, we understand that once you find an indoor area like Rockin’ Jump, you may wish to enjoy it often. Thus, we strive to make your airborne trampoline desires affordable. With this in mind, we offer membership options so that you can jump for as little as $1.66 per day. Choose from a 30-day or 90-day membership.

However, be sure to hurry! This promotion is a limited-time offer. Keep in mind, you must purchase your membership in-store. Then, you can get to bouncing right away!

Today, click here to reserve your spot for a day of jumping. Or, click above for months of fun!