Are you wandering the streets of Winston Salem in a daze, desperately seeking amusement? Do your children tug, weeping, at your clothes, crying for you to find them some entertainment? Also, are you screaming to the heavens, wondering, “Where are all the things to do in Winston Salem area?

Fear not. Lend us your ear, and we shall tell you of a place beyond your wildest imaginings.

Superficially, it resembles a normal building, but all of the floors…they bounce. Happy children, happy adults, all jumping, laughing, springing, playing games of all types, beside themselves with euphoria. An oasis of joy. A savory stew of delirious entertainments, each more fantastical than the last. That’s right: it’s Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem.

Literally – All Things to Do in Winston Salem Are at Rockin’ Jump

In our opinion, what Winston-Salem does have is one place so fun that it single-handedly sustains residents’ appetite for amusement. Gaze upon a few of our wondrous attractions, and you will experience pure amazement!

  • Thousands of square feet of trampoline floor. Fling yourself high into the heavens, again and again. Recall the childhood wonder of seeing a bird and wondering if you, too, might fly.
  • X-Beam Jousting. Engage in mortal combat with your foe — only your foe is your nephew Kevin, and you actually don’t hurt anyone! Magnificent!
  • Slam Dunk Zone. You may move with all the grace of a falling pot of spaghetti. But, with the magic of springboards, you will soar to the rim like a Harlem Globetrotter.
  • Rock Climbing Wall. Scale the heights like the heroes of old, bellowing your challenge to Nature with every step.
  • Climbing House. A vast complex of slides, stairs, and ladders, perfect for the exuberant antics of the young child.
  • After Dark Event. Every Friday and Saturday take the excitement to a new level. Jumping while surrounded by strobe lights and lively music should become a regular weekly activity for your friends and family.

Rockin’ Jump: Winston Salem’s Fountain of Youth

Rockin’ Jump offers a smorgasbord of enjoyment unmatched by any upon the green earth. Here and only here flows the elixir of youth, tapped straight from the fabric of creation.

It calls to you. Can you deny its siren song? How long must you wait, miserable, slogging like Sisyphus through the ceaseless toil of existence? Is there one good reason not to contact us today to book a birthday party? An office outing? A revel merely for its own sake?

The answer, dear readers, is no. But, of course, you already knew that. You have known since you came into this world. There are things to do in Winston Salem – oh yes! You know where they are. And, you know what you have to do. Merely pick up your phone, get ready for fun, and dial 336-896-9100. The Gate of Dreams stands open, and you have merely to enter.

So, don’t take our word for it, Lisa Cook left us a five-star Google review, saying, “Love this place!”