Have your children already had their spring break? Or, maybe you’re just looking for something fun to do this weekend? While you love your kids, they tend to get antsy during this time of year. After all, summer is right around the corner. Therefore, they’re probably counting down the days until the end of the school year. Why not take their minds off school with a little family fun? Visit Rockin’ Jump, one of the best indoor amusement parks near me in Winston-Salem. With attractions, high-flying adventure and games, every member of the family is sure to have a blast there.

Indoor Amusement Parks Near Me – Experience All the Adventure

At Rockin’ Jump, there is something for everyone, regardless of age. So, it’s the perfect family-friendly destination. Plus, they just installed a new attraction, The Slingshot! Soar up to 20 feet as you bounce on a giant trampoline. This attraction is also great for perfecting backflips. Besides The Slingshot, there are many other fun things to do:

  • An Open Jump Arena
    • Anything goes in this open jump area
  • Dodge Ball
    • Who doesn’t love a good game of dodge ball? Grab some friends then go head to head in a thrilling game of dodge ball!
  • Stunt Bag Arena
    • Visitors can try new tricks in this safe jumping environment
  • Slam Dunk Zone
    • Test your basketball skills and see if you’ve got what it takes to score a slam dunk!
  • Lazer Frenzy
    • Have you always wanted to be a secret agent? Well, here’s your chance! Complete a variety of challenges while dodging the lasers!
  • X-Beam Jousting
    • Grab a friend and see who will be the last one standing in this epic game of wits and courage
  • The 6-&-Under Jump Zone
    • Of course, toddlers need a place to jump too! Smaller visitors will enjoy jumping in their very own jump zone

Moreover, they even have a concession stand where you can purchase ICEEs, water and fun snacks.

Need A Break from Jumping? Try One of Their Other Attractions

Just because you need a break from jumping doesn’t mean the fun must stop. In addition to all the trampoline-based things, there are several other attractions:

  • Have A Rock-Climbing Adventure
    • Take a break from jumping and conquer the giant rock-climbing wall
  • Arcade
    • The arcade is another great way to take a break from jumping. Grab some water then try to beat your high score in your favorite game
  • Massage chairs
    • While adults are welcome to jump, they might prefer relaxing with a cold cup of water in one of the facility’s massage chairs
  • 6-&-Under Climbing House
    • Smaller visitors will enjoy climbing the various stories in this attraction
  • Interactive Play
    • Children will enjoy interacting and playing with colorful images in this exciting game

Keep in mind that every jumper must sign a waiver or have a guardian sign one if they’re under 18. To speed up the process, the liability waiver can be signed online. Then, when you enter the facility, you’re all set to jump!

Finally, visit them Friday or Saturday night for some After Dark fun. Or, let them host your child’s next birthday party.

Take A Break from Everyday Life and Have a Rockin’ Good Time

Whether you need a weekend pick me up or something to do for the duration of spring break, Rockin’ Jump is the perfect destination. Bring friends, family and yourself and get ready for some rockin’ fun! Skip the waiting line and buy your tickets in advance. Got any questions? Call them at 336-896-9100. When you’re looking for indoor amusement parks near me visit Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem!