rock climbing wallA rock climbing wall in the most unexpected of places!

A rock climbing wall offers several great health benefits. Climbing anything strengthens nearly every muscle group imaginable. An added benefit of rock climbing walls is that they also build problem solving skills. A rock climbing wall is basically a huge puzzle. A huge puzzle that builds muscles as you solve it! It’s easy to see why these climbing walls are gaining in popularity. So much fun with so many health benefits, who could resist? Well, we certainly couldn’t! That’s why, at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park of Winston Salem, we’ve added a rock climbing wall! Already equipped with hours of activities, our rock climbing wall is the newest in fun and excitement. If you and your friends are ready to get a little crazy, come on in to Rockin’ Jump!

Rockin’ Jump has a little something for everyone!

Remember how much fun it was playing on the trampoline as a child? Get that feeling back when you come to Rockin’ Jump! Is it time to introduce a new generation to all the fun and excitement of a trampoline? This is the perfect place! If you have a new jumper who feels a bit nervous, we have that covered, too. A foam pit full of squishy padding is perfect for getting comfortable with the trampoline, or just for trying out that new move you’ve been thinking about. Once you feel comfortable, take it out to the main jumping area! Hours of fun await you when you come in to Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park!

Feeling athletic? Trampoline sports await you at Rockin’ Jump!

We feature a few classic sports with a trampoline twist. Beloved games such as basketball and dodge ball can only get better one way—by adding a trampoline! Finally, you can live the dreams of being just like your favorite MVP as you get that perfect dunk every time. Challenge your friends to a bit of friendly competition with dodge ball, or race to the top of that awesome rock climbing wall! A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Come try it all today!

Experience trampolines like you’ve never seen them before

Come on in for our bi-monthly after dark event at our Winston Salem location! Black lights, neon colors, and all the smells and feelings of Rockin’ Jump are sure to tantalize all of your senses. Get the whole group together and have a night you’ll remember!

Party packages are available for any event!

Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, office event, or just have a little fun, Rockin’ Jump is the place to go. A stress-free environment for any age, we would love to host your next day or night out! Whether you’re looking to celebrate, or simply make something fun out of a rainy day, you’ve found the perfect place. Our trampolines, arcade, snack bar and brand new rock climbing wall are only a few of the attractions. Having fun is important. There’s no better place to relive the joy of trampoline excitement than at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park!