Recently, trampoline parks have become very popular for kids of all ages. Kids love them because they can have so much fun, as they do at Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem. There are so many fun attractions that it’s hard to choose an activity. You can test out your bouncing and flipping skills, play trampoline games with friends, or try out new stunts.

Who’s Ready to Play Dodge Ball?

The game from every gym class with a twist – trampolines. Jump around and avoid the flying balls. If the ball hits you, you’re out until the next round. Then, everyone can try again!

Make the Day a Slam Dunk!

Have a slammin’ good time trying out some basketball moves. Use the trampoline to fly high and thrust a basketball into a hoop! See who can get the most baskets in a row or keep score.

Imagine Yourself as a Gladiator!

X-Beam Jousting is the perfect activity to try your hand at being a gladiator! Walk along the balance beam and be the first to knock down your opponent. If knocked down, fall into a pool of foam. Jump up and try it again!

Challenge Your Friends!

Of course, if you want to try your own games, that can be loads of fun too. There are so many trampoline games and challenges to try.

Flipping Master – Who can complete the most flips in a row? Front flips, back flips, cartwheels, and more. Whatever flips you can flip, give them a try.

Race to the End! – In the open jump arena, you can jump from one end to the other. Take turns jumping from end to end to see who can do it the fastest.

Jump to New Heights – Which of your friends can jump the highest? Of course, you have to test that out at a trampoline park! Challenge your friends to see who can reach the highest heights!

H.O.R.S.E. – You can take turns challenging your friends. If they are able to do the challenge (flip, jump high, etc.), then it goes to the next challenge. If not, they get a letter in H.O.R.S.E. Force your friend to spell the whole word first and win. Are you brave enough to try all types of challenges?

Even More than Trampoline Games

If you get tired of jumping, you can play some games that do not involve jumping. There is lots of fun to explore at Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem. For example, you can play in the arcade or interactive play area. Or, if you need a more rigorous challenge, try your climbing skills at the rock wall. Challenge a friend as you race to the top!

There’s so much to do at Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem you’ll never run out of fun! Troy Waln left this 5-Star Google Review, “Very fun, awesome family fun. Something for every age.” Contact Rockin’ Jump at 336-546-6059 or book online to schedule your fun day!