This time of year, we find that many parents begin searching for trampoline places near me in the Triad. After all, trying to keep your kids occupied can be a challenge. Especially, this is true on days that the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate with your plans. Finding indoor fun for the entire family that’s nearby is a win for everyone. Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem is the perfect solution to weather woes and several other parenting challenges.

Trampoline Places Near Me – Conquering Challenges at Rockin’ Jump

Already, we mentioned one of the first challenges – weather. As a parent, we can try to control many things. Certainly, the weather isn’t one of them. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Therefore, it’s wise to find a venue that’s fun and accessible no matter what mood Mother Nature is feeling. Since our entire park is indoors, the weather is always perfect at Rockin’ Jump.

Next, getting our kids to move is becoming more challenging every day. Now that devices hold attention for hours, getting exercise takes a little more work. Although, the good news is that exercise doesn’t feel like work at Rockin’ Jump! In fact, you’ll be so busy enjoying yourself that you’ll forget your body is getting a fantastic and healthy workout.

Similarly, having a FunOut (yes, we’ve decided that’s a word now), can reduce stress. Clearly, studies show that exercise alleviates anxiety. However, exercising in itself feels like a chore for some folks. At Rockin’ Jump, we make it fun. Plus, it’s a great chance to let your mind relax as you flip and float in peaceful glee.

Finally, one of our parental challenges arrives with three simple words: “I’m SO bored.” Often, a slump to the ground, eye-roll or stomp may follow the utterance. Occasionally, it’s not just the kids doing the slumping, stomping and eye exercises. Luckily, we have lots of fun things to do that remove that dreaded phrase right out of your day!

Fun Things to Do at Trampoline Places Near Me

Speaking of fun things to do at trampoline places near me in Winston-Salem, we have multiple attractions for all ages.

The Jump Arena is our main jumping area and fun zone. It’s the perfect place for friends to jump together and perform acrobatics. Meanwhile, our dedicated staff monitors safe play from all angles as they do throughout our trampoline park.

For a little twist on an open jumping area, we combined a classic game with bouncing fun – Dodge Ball! Deftly, dodge soft balls and battle buddies as you hop, skip and fly about.

When you’re considering battling buddies, be sure to check out our X-Beam. Choose your padded lance and maintain your balance. Next, knock your opponent from the beam. Of course, you’ll be knocking them to the safety of a huge cushioned surface. All in good fun!

Competitive play doesn’t stop there. Our Slam Dunk Zone offers plenty of chances to show your savvy skills. Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking as you propel high into the air.

If sharpening more skills are part of your goals, be sure to visit our Parkour Blox Freestyle court. Soar to new pinnacles as you navigate our foam blocks. Train your speed, power and strength along these soft hurdles placed in your path.

Another way to amp up your skill set is on our Rock-Climbing Wall. Build your strength and race to the top to beat the buzzer. This ultimate multi-level skill challenge is nothing short of amazing!

If you’re just looking for a little freedom to flip and fly, head to the Stunt Bag Arena. Here, we allow supervised flips. Then, you land effortlessly into the cushioned surface below.

To really fly high, visit our newest attraction, the Double Slingshot. Fly to heights of up to 20 feet within its bouncy embrace.

Younger Guests are Welcome Too!

Fortuitously, younger guests can come bounce too. Our 6-&-Under Climbing House and our 6-&-Under Jump Zone provide hours of protected fun. Here, toddlers and smaller guests can safely jump with friends their own size.

Or, check out our Interactive Play area with kid-friendly projected images. For our junior visitors, it’s the perfect spot to change pace and still keep moving. Images projected on the floor are fun to chase and enjoy with friends.

Moreover, we offer specialized jump time for our smallest guests at our Rockin’ Tots sessions. During these events, enjoy 2 hours of bounce time for $5! These themed get-togethers provide dedicated time for parents to have fun with their smaller children while socializing with their friends. Plus, you can burn significant calories playing with your children at our indoor trampoline park. In fact, in 10 minutes you burn as many as you would running for 33 minutes!

Keep in mind, when we say all ages, this includes parents too! You are welcome to join in any of the attractions. Just remember that hopping and jumping in the 6-&-Under areas is just for the little ones. You’re more than welcome to join them as you supervise. For more intense leaping, hit the attractions for bigger kids and kids at heart.

Special Sessions

Additionally, we offer other specialized sessions throughout each month.

  • After Dark – Join us every Friday & Saturday night from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm! For $19.95, you receive 2 hours of jump time, 1 Rockin’ T-shirt and a glow necklace.
  • Rockin’ Adventure Camp – During school breaks, beat boredom with our new adventurous camps! Enjoy crafts, experiments, movies and plenty of free play time.
  • Parents Night Out – Enjoy an adults’ night out while the kids get to play about! With $30 per child ($25 for additional siblings), you get peace of mind while the little ones have fun.
  • Rockin’ Wednesdays – Jump two hours for the price of one! For $11.95 per jumper, get an extra hour of hoppin’ fun.
  • Gaming Tournaments – Battle buddies and new friends on our specialized gaming nights. $25 covers your entry fee and After Dark admission for 3 hours of jumping time!
  • Homeschool – On the second Thursday of every month, join us for discounted jump time. From 1-3, enjoy a healthy outing with your group.

Soaring Celebrations

Likewise, we help you celebrate your own special events. Anniversaries, fundraisers and even corporate events are more fun at Rockin’ Jump. Ultimately, our area is a uniquely adaptable group venue for just about any occasion. Whether your group is 15 or 200, we customize the package perfect for you.

Some of our most popular group events include:

  • Anniversaries
  • End of Year Parties
  • Sorority Events
  • Fraternity Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Grad Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Church Groups
  • Graduation Parties
  • Lock Ins
  • Team Parties
  • Private Parties

Clearly, not one package fits all. Consequently, we take a unique approach on pricing for special events. Rather than quoting you a flat rate, we will work with you to create a customized package. To get more information on a special event at our indoor trampoline park, please fill out our event form.

Birthdays Bashes at Rockin’ Jump

Of course, one of our most popular celebrations are birthdays! For many reasons, Rockin’ Jump is one of the premier places in the Triad to host a birthday party.

First, consider the stress factor of birthdays in general. Not only are we convenient to nearly everyone in the Triad, we take care of all the details. Consequently, you get to focus on your child and their friends. In fact, adults enjoy our parties as well! As we mentioned, our jumping attractions are fun for all ages. Plus, we have relaxing spaces for older guests to chill and chat if they wish.

Second, all of our parties come with an expert host who handles multiple duties. From serving refreshments to clean-up, they work so that you can have fun and relax. Better yet, we provide private rooms for all of our parties no matter the package that you choose. Hang out with your child and their guests while we take care of all of you!

Third, indoor parties are the way to go. As noted, Mother Nature isn’t always as ready to celebrate as you are. No longer must you fret over rain, heat or dropping temps. At Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem, our indoor environment is always exceptional, rain or shine.

Packages and Prices

So that you can find a party package that fits you best, we offer multiple options. All packages include 90 minutes of jump time and a private party room. The private party room allows your guests to relax and socialize over pizza and refreshments. Meanwhile, the guest of honor opens presents and celebrates with friends. Rockin’ Jump even provides a special birthday gift for the guest of honor!

Moreover, your dedicated host serves 2 pizzas and 2 two-liter drinks to your guests. In addition, each jumper gets 90 minutes of jump time.

Below, consider a few of our bestselling packages:

We also offer Rockin’ Tots parties and theme parties. As our party rooms are popular, especially on the weekends, be sure to book your birthday in advance.

General Pricing and Membership for Trampoline Places Near Me

At this point, your mind is probably wandering to cost now that you’ve discovered trampoline places near me in NC. Generally, our guests wonder how much it costs for 1 hour of jumping. Ultimately, it depends on how many one-hour sessions you wish to have! Our standard tickets for 60 minutes of jump time are $11.95. Although, you can purchase 90 minutes of jump time, 2 hours or Jump ALL Day at discounted rates.

Feel free to reserve tickets in advance to make sure that you get the bounce time that you wish. Especially, this is helpful if you’re visiting in a group or during popular time slots. Plus, buying tickets ahead of time reduces stress waiting in line!

Correspondingly, we understand that once you find an indoor area like Rockin’ Jump, you may wish to enjoy it often. Thus, we offer the option to save money with a membership package. For as little as $1.66 per day, you can jump up to 2 hours per day during regular operating hours. Choose from a 30-day or 90-day membership. But, be sure to hurry! This promotion is a limited-time offer. Keep in mind, you must purchase your membership in-store. Then, you can get to bouncing right away!

As you can see, we have many reasons to visit Rockin’ Jump. Whether you come a few times or throughout the year, we look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 336-896-9100. For trampoline places near me we hope you’ll visit us!