If you’re currently planning a birthday party in the Piedmont Triad area, check out our party packages. Here at Rockin’ Jump, we make any birthday extra special. You get access to a party room, and your guests can enjoy jumping on all of our attractions. It’s an easy way to plan a birthday party you’ll never forget. Here are some frequently asked questions about birthday parties at Rockin’ Jump.

Why Should I Choose Rockin’ Jump for My Party?

Many people choose to have their birthday party at home. However, many parents and party planners love the stress-free option of hosting a party at Rockin’ Jump. You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to spend time figuring out activities, food, decorations, or any other party elements. Our party planning staff takes care of everything.
  • We provide a party host to take care of any guest needs. You can simply enjoy the day making memories with your friends and family.
  • When you host a party in your home, you have to worry about cleaning before and after. At Rockin’ Jump, you won’t have guests coming through your home. You don’t have to stress about keeping the bathrooms clean, having enough seating, or anything else typical with a home party.
  • Our trampoline park makes a birthday memorable. If you have school-age children, it can seem like there is a different party every weekend. What will make your party stand out?
  • We have party packages to fit every budget. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about overspending on décor or other elements you’ll only use once.
  • You can customize your party with one of our themes or a character visit. At many venues, you don’t have many options for customizing your party.
  • Our parties get you up and moving! Jumping at our trampoline park is a great form of exercise. Guests will only know that they are having a great time! The exercise is a bonus!
  • When you book a party at Rockin’ Jump, it is fun for both kids and adults. Everyone can have a good time jumping at our park.
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather. Our facility is 100% indoors so you don’t have to worry about rain, heat, or chilly weather.

What is Included in Your Rockin’ Jump Birthday Party?

Rockin’ Jump birthday parties include everything you need to celebrate. All guests have access to our facility for 90 minutes of jump time. During your jump time, you can enjoy all trampoline games and attractions, including the following:

  • Main Jump Arena – a huge open court covered in trampolines
  • Ninja Course – where you can challenge yourself to get from one end to the other as fast as possible
  • Parkour Blox – vault and jump through our foam blox to practice your parkour skills
  • Foam Pit Arena – the perfect place to try out new flips and tricks
  • Dodge Ball – the classic game with a trampoline twist
  • Slam Dunk Zone – fly high like your favorite basketball players to make every shot
  • X-Beam – battle your friends with padded lances to become the x-beam champion
  • Rock-Climbing Wall – take a break from jumping to climb our rock wall
  • Arcade – compete with friends in classic arcade games

Keep in mind that our facility is 100% indoors. So, even if it is raining, your birthday party won’t be ruined. Yes, you can rent an inflatable bounce house for your backyard, but what if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Remember, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, extreme heat or chilly temperatures. No one wants to be outside unless the weather is perfect. At Rockin’ Jump, the weather doesn’t matter.

Not only that, but are you prepared to take on the responsibility for all guests to jump safely? Our staff is trained in safety procedures. There is a staff member at each bouncing area to ensure that everyone has fun safely.

Because our entire facility is open to your party, you don’t need to plan activities or games. No pin the tail on the donkey for your birthday party guests! Instead, you’ll have a memorable time bouncing together. You don’t even have to bring socks. We’ll provide reusable Rockin’ Jump socks for each jumper at your party.

After your jump time, you’ll have a private party room or table to finish the celebration. We handle the party food as well as paper products. You can bring your own cake if you wish. However, we provide all other food. Your guests will enjoy pizza and soda in the private party room or at a party table. Our party host will serve the food and deal with clean-up. You can simply enjoy the day.

Depending on the party package you choose, we can also provide some special perks for guests. Gold and Platinum party guests each receive a free 16-ounce ICEE and $5 arcade card. Additionally, your party will be treated to a private dodge ball game.

We also have theme options for parties, available as an add-on to any party package. Party themes include Frozen, Spider-man, Pokemon, Avengers, and more. When you choose a party theme, we’ll provide theme-appropriate napkins, cups, tablecloths, plates, and centerpieces. Click here to learn more about our themed parties and contact us for a full list of theme options.

Last but not least, we can add on a character visit. If you want to make the day unforgettable, have your child’s favorite character show up to celebrate their birthday. Character visits also make great photo ops. Contact us for a complete list of character options.

How Much do Party Packages Cost?

For your convenience, we have three party packages.

  • Basic: Our basic package, which includes pizza, soda, and jump time for 10 jumpers
  • Epic: Our most popular package, which includes everything you get with a Basic party, plus arcade cards, and ICEEs
  • Mega VIP: Our premium package, which includes everything you get with a Epic party, plus a dodgeball game, a full hour in the party room and 11 jumpers included!

No matter which party package you choose, you can add on additional jumpers if you have more than 10 guests. For current pricing, please visit our website.

Once you’ve chosen a package, you can also choose add-ons:

  • Character visit
  • Party Themes
  • Goodie Bags

We keep our parties as affordable as possible so all families can fit a Rockin’ Jump party into their budget. Click here to learn more about our party packages.

Can I Invite Older Guests Who Don’t Want to Jump?

We love when older guests join us for birthday parties. However, we do understand that they may not feel comfortable jumping or enjoying our attractions. So, we have relaxation zones where they can enjoy watching the birthday guests. We even have massage chairs to make the experience extra relaxing!

That said, our facility is for jumpers of all ages! This includes younger children as well as adults. For kids 6 and under, we have a special jump zone just for them. This allows them to jump with their parents in a less rambunctious area. We also host Rockin’ Tots parties if all jumpers will be 6 and under. These parties are available during our normal Rockin’ Tots sessions. We host Rockin’ Tots every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to Noon.

Adults are welcome to jump as well. It’s a fun way to get some exercise as a family. Our birthday parties are not just for children.

What do I Need to Bring to My Birthday Party at Rockin’ Jump?

The best part about a birthday party at Rockin’ Jump is that you don’t have to do anything. Just bring yourself and the guest of honor! When you book one of our party packages, we include everything you need for the party. Think of the hours you’ll save making food, planning activities, and buying decorations and supplies. We do it all for you.

Many parents do choose to bring a cake. It’s the one item that we don’t provide. You are welcome to bring one if you want to blow out candles and enjoy cake with your friends.

You may also wish to bring presents for the birthday girl or boy. We do provide a special gift for them during the party. However, parents and guests are welcome to bring presents as well. You can use the party room time to enjoy opening presents before jumping.

Can I Plan My Party After Dark?

Yes! Our After Dark parties are some of the most popular for older kids and teens. Read more about this option here.

What is After Dark? Simply put, this is our weekly evening event where you’ll jump in the dark. After Dark jump sessions take place every Friday and Saturday night. During After Dark, you’ll jump under the light of strobes, lasers, and black lights. It’s a unique experience unlike any other.

Please make sure that all guests know to wear a white or neon shirt. Rockin’ Jump shirts are available for purchase, but are not included with your party package. If you’d like to cover the cost, we can help you add this onto your package so that each guest gets a shirt.

Every week is different during After Dark. Some of the special features of the week might include a live DJ, special contests, or a video game tournament. As with daytime parties, After Dark packages come with jump time for 10 guests. You can add additional jump time if you’d like to jump for longer than 90 minutes. The same as our daytime parties, you have access to a party room or table.

Learn more about After Dark.

Is it Possible to Extend Our Jump Time?

In most cases, yes, you can extend your jump time. All parties come with a 2-hour block, which includes use of the party room and 90 minutes of jumping. Sometimes, you and your guests might want to keep jumping. An additional hour of jump time is just $9.99 per person.

We recommend adding on this additional time when you book your party package if possible. During our busiest times, jumpers fill our facility to capacity. In order to keep jumpers safe, we allow only a maximum number of jumpers in each area. While we do help you extend your time on the spot when possible, sometimes all the jump slots for the next hour will already be booked. When you book in advance, your extra jump time is guaranteed. You won’t have to wait to keep jumping.

How Do I Book a Party at Rockin’ Jump?

Booking your birthday party at Rockin’ Jump couldn’t be easier! Our online booking system allows you to choose the party package you want. You can also add on extra jumpers, as well as goodie bags. When you book online, you’ll also be able to pick your pizza toppings and soda options for your guest list. Click here to book your party now.

Are you interested in adding a character visit or theme to your party? Give us a call for a complete list of available options. Click here to learn how to contact us to set up all the details for your party.

Book your party as soon as you know the date! Our most popular dates, especially weekends, book fast. So, book as far in advance as possible in order to get the date you really want.