Inflatable bounce houses are all the rage. After all, inflatable attractions are perfect for entertaining a large group of guests. These house rentals provide hours of inflatable fun and inflatable games for each bounce house jumper to enjoy. Since adults can use bounce houses too, an inflatable bounce house seems the perfect solution for a jumping extravaganza for all ages.

However, let’s take a moment to consider how you best should use the idea of inflatable bounce houses and activities. On paper, it seems like the perfect plan. Although, there are imperative aspects to consider as you narrow down your choice of rentals for your gathering.

Inflatable Bounce Houses and Rentals

While there’s no arguing that a bounce house is fun, there are a few things you should consider. During all this fun, your yard may get torn to pieces. Especially, this is true if your inflatable bounce house comes with the combo of a water slide or water features. As the kids slide down, so does the water. Then, they hop out, splash through your yard and climb back on for more fun. Over and over they slide and slip until your once grassy area becomes a big mud pit.

Speaking of mud pits, you must also consider that your indoor bounce house isn’t really indoors. Consequently, you must also consider weather when you choose a bounce house as your main entertainment. Weather is tricky. If it rains, your guests will be sliding more than they will be bouncing. Worse, they’ll be filling your home and looking longingly at your bounce house from your windows rather than jumping in it.

Plus, once you get your bouncy house, the rest is often up to you. While set-up of a bouncy house is usually included in the price of the rental, you’re still left with a ton of work. Tables and chairs for adults and kids must also be set up. Decorations and food, preparing your home for attendees and cleaning up afterwards makes for a long to-do list.

At the top of that list, is safety. While it may be simple to find bouncy house and water slide rentals, it’s not always easy to find the safest company. There are few who haven’t seen the disturbing videos of a bounce house improperly secured. You certainly don’t want any accidents that cause injuries to friends’ children on your property. To ensure that each bounce house jumper is safe, please check with the Better Business Bureau. There, you can ensure that the company that you chose is owned and operated by a reputable and reliable owner.

How Rockin’ Jump Solves Your Bounce House Woes

Better yet, let’s present an alternative to these woes. Our team at Rockin’ Jump Winston-Salem loves the idea of jumping. We thrive on active group activities. Plus, we like to exercise and have fun while doing it. It’s exactly why we formed Rockin’ Jump in the first place. Two families and one vision were all it took to create an indoor venue where families and friends could join together and have fun.

Okay, well, it took a little more than that. But we won’t bore you with all of the details. It’s our end result that we’re proud of.  We created a place where you can soar in open jump arenas, dive into pools of soft foam cubes, climb rock walls, play trampoline dodge ball and do flips and somersaults. All in an indoor, clean, safe environment.

Additionally, we wanted a new alternative for birthday parties and family gatherings. The Triad needed a place where quality food and private party rooms were guaranteed. Plus, we wanted an indoor space where our kids could safely play while we socialized with other parents.

So, consider visiting us instead of troubling yourself with an outdoor bounce house. If it’s bouncing you want, we certainly have it. The cost will probably be a lot lower, too! Plus, there is the added benefit of no work for you to do!

Soaring Selection of Boundless Activities

Better yet, we have other things to do besides bouncing! Our opportunities abound for all ages to jump, play and climb about. Let’s take a quick tour to give you an idea of our large selection of boundless activities.

First, visit our Jump Arena which is our main jumping area and fun zone. It’s the perfect place for friends to jump together and perform acrobatics. Meanwhile, our dedicated staff monitors safe play from all angles as they do throughout our trampoline park. We have a person overlooking every area who has been trained in our JumpSafe program. They will ensure that every jumper is having fun safely.

For a little twist on an open jumping area, stroll over to Dodge Ball. We combined a classic game with bouncing fun. Deftly, dodge soft balls and battle buddies as you hop, skip and fly about.

If you’re considering battling buddies, be sure to check out our X-Beam. Choose your padded lance and maintain your balance. Next, knock your opponent from the beam. Of course, you’ll be knocking them to the safety of a huge cushioned surface. All in good fun!

Competitive play doesn’t stop there. Our Slam Dunk Zone offers plenty of chances to show your savvy skills. Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking as you propel high into the air.

If sharpening more skills are part of your goals, be sure to visit our Parkour Blox freestyle court. Soar to new pinnacles as you ninja jump amongst our foam blocks. Train your speed, power and strength navigating each inflatable obstacle placed in your path.

Another great spot to visit is our Rock-Climbing Wall. Build your strength and race to the top to beat the buzzer. This ultimate multi-level skill challenge is nothing short of amazing! Try to beat your friends to the top, or try to beat your past record!

If you’re just looking for a little freedom to flip and fly, head to the Stunt Bag Arena. Here, we allow supervised flips into the cushioned surface below.

To really fly high, visit our newest attraction, the Double Slingshot. Fly to heights of up to 20 feet within its bouncy embrace.

Younger guests can come bounce, too. Our 6-&-Under Climbing House and our 6-&-Under Jump Zone each provide hours of protected fun. Here, toddlers and smaller guests can safely jump, climb and slide with friends their own size.

Be sure to also check out our Interactive Play area with kid-friendly projected images. For our junior visitors, it’s the perfect spot to change pace and still keep moving. Interactive games projected on the floor are fun to chase and enjoy with friends.

Safety First

Since safety tops all imperatives, let’s focus a bit on that parameter. As we are owned and operated by a family, our main goal is to keep YOUR family safe. We achieve this on multiple levels. First, we are a member of ASTM which helps regulate Amusement Rides and Devices. In fact, we don’t just attend meetings and adhere to pre-set rules. We actually are a founding member of a new ASTM committee. We created this committee to help establish trampoline park safety standards.

Additionally, we’ve implemented numerous strategies to improve standards and keep our jumpers safe. Included in these strategies is our Trained Jump Patrol ™. These team members monitor each jumping arena. Their responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring arenas for play that can lead to unsafe conditions and injuries
  • Keeping jump arenas from becoming overcrowded by continuously counting how many people are in an arena at one time and limiting entry to new jumpers until space allows
  • Stopping unsafe jumping immediately
  • Providing jumpers with coaching on how to safely use each arena
  • Reminding guests of rules should they happen to “forget” while having fun

Jump Safe Rules

Ultimately, our goal is to provide family-friendly fun in a protected environment. To achieve this imperative, we have some important rules designed for our participants. So that you feel comfortable visiting our venue, review just a few of our commitments to you below:

  1. First, no pokey objects in your pockets! In the glee of our playground of jumping fun, they could slip out and injure you or someone else.
  2. Next, kick off your shoes! We require ROCKIN’ SOCKS for all jumpers. Notably, their rubbery surface keeps you from slipping and their soft covering eases accidental contact. Of course, they are re-usable, so you have them for your next visit.
  3. Then, get moving! We have plenty of areas to chill and relax but not on the trampolines. After all, someone pouncing on you while trying to rest is far from relaxing.
  4. Most importantly, no rough play! In the end, wrestling, running and shoving isn’t fun for anyone. Likewise, double-bouncing may seem entertaining in a YouTube video but it rarely ends well. Our goal is to keep you safe!
  5. Finally, jump smart! For example, in our Stunt Bag area, we allow one jumper at a time. Always, tuck your chin to your chest and never land head first.

As you can see, we take our goal of providing fun places for kids very seriously. Following these simple rules ensures this for all of guests.

Rockin’ Jump Keeps it Simple

When you plan an outdoor activity, you can’t help but worry over the weather. It can complicate a party with little notice. At Rockin’ Jump, the weather is always perfect in our indoor playground. Therefore, you simplify your planning from the start.

Not only do you not have to worry about weather at Rockin’ Jump, we keep your visit simple. Book ahead of time online which is especially important if you have a large group. Or, if it’s just you and a couple of buddies, feel free to simply show up! Of course, you can still purchase your ticket ahead of time as well, to save a little time.

Speaking of tickets, our guests enjoy our attractions so much that they like to come back often. Therefore, we offer membership options to save you serious cash. For as little as $1.66 per day, jump up to 2 hours each day during regular operating hours.

Special Events

We also go beyond the idea of a bounce house with special events throughout the year. A few of these include:

  • Rockin’ Adventure Camp! Led by our highly-trained, professional staff, these camps are fabulous to fight the boredom of school breaks. From themed-days and crafts, to movies and science experiments, no two camps are alike.
  • Gaming Tournaments. With a $25 entry fee, play to win AND get 3 hours of jump time at After Dark! Open to boys and girls ages 7 and up, we encourage all skill levels to join the fun.
  • After Dark. Every Friday and Saturday night, Rockin’ Jump lights up in glowing fun! Hop and dance to the latest hits. Meanwhile, lasers, black lights and special strobes transform the park into a crazy jumping experience.
  • Rockin’ Tots. Rockin’ Tots offers a dedicated time when parents can have fun with their smaller children while socializing with their friends in a comfortable, low-key, air conditioned environment. Just think, you can burn as many calories playing with your children at our indoor trampoline park in 10 minutes as you would running for 33 minutes, and still fit in time to socialize with your other Rockin’ Tots friends. Does that sound fun or what?
  • Parents Night Out. Ready for an adults-only evening? Drop your kids off (ages 5-12) and hit the town. We provide pizza, drink and unlimited good times while you get a well-deserved night off!

Rockin’ Jump is also a fabulous spot for group events and fundraisers. For more information on that or any of our programs, give us a call at 336-355-1585.