Oh la’ la’. Faire d’exercie avec Parkour! No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled onto a Parisian website. We’re just testing out our creative literary moves as we explore a little Parkour French. After all, Parkour movements are a physical and mental discipline developed in France. Testing both strength and flexibility awareness, this physical challenge has become an urban revolution. The international drive to utilize objects in our environment is a training phenomenon. Parkour philosophy now spans the globe so that everyone is anxious to get their parkour jam on.

Rockin’ Jump Greensboro is first in line to help you train in this sport of discipline and movement.

Exploring the History of Parkour Movements 

Originally, parkour was not a sport. Military training designed to overcome obstacles led this urban evolution that now focuses on fitness, physical conditioning, strength and flexibility. Parkour French style is a way to exercise and work out without feeling like you’re doing a ton of actual work.

To trace the history a bit, let’s consider the military training involved in a basic parkour course. The environment of these courses was designed to test skills, strength and kinetic heights. Ultimately, parkour athletes were directed to overcome obstacles sans (that’s French for without) assistive equipment. Their directive was to use running climbing, swinging, vaulting and other physical means to navigate obstacles and best get from point A to point B.

Virtually, it is a new way to look at and navigate your environment. In the late 1980s, David Belle established a deeper recognition of this technique and parkour as we now know it was born. Many folks wonder what skills parkour involves. Luckily, it’s something that you can do on nearly every level. Simply practice moving along a route in the most efficient manner possible.

Keep in mind, free-running is often confused with parkour. While similar, it’s not parkour, although its kinship is traceable in the art of this exercise. Its background is related as well to the movements in martial arts. Likewise, practitioners implement cool ninja techniques and tricks American Ninja Warrior-style. Tens of thousands of athletes are jumping on the bandwagon and joining in this obstacle course training.

If you’re familiar with The Office, then you’ll appreciate this funny video as the team takes on their idea of parkour. While that’s not quite how we do it at Rockin’ Jump, it’s pretty hilarious to watch!

Translating Parkour into English

Faire d’exercice. That’s a cool phrase to roll about your tongue.  In French, “faire” essentially means “make.” “Exercice” is simpler.  It translates quite conveniently to “exercise.” Parkour is a fun way to practice functional strength and get a fantastic workout in the process!

The true beauty of parkour is that you can do it nearly anywhere. That’s why our team at Rockin’ Jump developed an area in our open gym where practitioners can hone their skills. We love the idea of these cool ninja techniques and tricks. We combine this training with soft obstacle courses American Ninja Warrior-style to help you learn parkour. Placing trampolines in the mix adds a whole new level of creativity. Speed vault from one obstacle to another, learn ninja tricks and perfect this art of professional parkour in a fun and safe environment.

Plus, our indoor venue makes a great gym for kids (ages 12-18) to learn this physical training and speed vault around our arena sans weather concerns. Getting a great workout is hard enough if it’s raining or freezing outside. The temperature in our indoor venue will have you jumping for joy in no time!

Benefits of Parkour

Let’s consider exercise as well. Yes, we all hear that it’s good for us. We get that our bodies need it. Study after study show that it enhances our health. Not only does it benefit us physically, but exercising enhances our mental well-being. Those same studies demonstrate consistent movement even combats depression.

While tens of thousands of folks may actually enjoy a great workout, there are millions who need a little extra motivation. This is the one of the core reasons that we formed Rockin’ Jump in the first place. As a family-owned business, we wished to design a gym that invites families and friends just like us. Our team envisioned a place where guests could have fun and also enjoy a workout together. Ultimately, we wanted it to be a location where you could benefit from exercise without really realizing that you’re working at it. Enhancing your health is a side benefit.

Creativity is key in this endeavor; adding the idea to jump is icing on the cake.

Other Attractions in Our Triad Location

This directive rings true in all of our attractions. While we have a NEW parkour attraction exclusively available in Greensboro, there are a ton of other ways to jump and hop about.

Just a few of our soaring and jumping activities include:

  • Dodge Ball Deftly, dodge incoming friendly-fire to win the ultimate bouncy dodge ball competition.
  • Foam Pit Arena. Ultimately, defy physical gravity with a safe surface beneath you when you finally come back to earth.
  • Rock Wall. Swiftly, scale new altitudes and view Rockin’ Jump from the highest point in the room!
  • X-Beam. In our X-Beam arena, combat a buddy or new friend in a jousting battle of wit and dexterity.
  • Slam Dunk Zone. Skillfully, bounce the basketball and yourself for the winning shot.
  • Jump Arena. Finally, skip, hop and soar in our well-supervised classic trampoline area.
  • Arcade. If your body needs a break, chill out in our arcade with fun games for all.
  • 6-and-Under Jump Zone. Of course, we have a safe space for our younger guests too, where they can enjoy jumping fun with others their own age.

Additionally, we offer specialized activities such as After Dark. When the sun goes down, our laser lights and strobes turn the night up. On Friday and Saturday evenings, we offer these special glow-in-the-dark sessions with rockin’ music and rockin’ fun. Keep in mind, we host planned group activities and birthdays as well. Whether you’re looking for team-building or just a fun celebration, our indoor venue is perfect for multiple occasions.

Plus, we don’t forget our youngest guests either. In fact, we have specialized sessions just for them. From 10-12 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings, we provide time for toddlers to have fun. Parents get to enjoy this time as well as they socialize with friends in this low-key, air-conditioned environment. Be sure to check out our themed sessions as well. In March, we have Dr. Seuss story time and crafts as well as face-painting and an Egg Hunt!

Team-Building Activities

To jump, flip and fly about isn’t just fantastic fun for kids. Therefore, we provide team-building activities for all levels of training. Included are our group activities. Looking for an office outing to encourage your team to work together? Parkour is fantastic for that as well. Or, simply gather at Rockin’ Jump and encourage your team to have a fabulous time while working together on tasks.

Ultimately, Rockin’ Jump is fantastic for any group or occasion. We offer specialized group rates for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Anniversaries
  • End-of-Year Parties
  • Sorority Events
  • Fraternity Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Grad Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Church Groups
  • Graduation Parties
  • Lock-Ins
  • Team Parties

For pricing information, fill out our online form. we will work with you to create a customized package that meets your desires and budget.

Core Principles of Safety

Along with our core goals and family-friendly atmosphere, safety is our priority. This is the case with our parkour obstacle courses and every attraction at our Triad area locations. Here a just a few of our rules designed to keep everyone at our park safe.

  1. No pokey objects in your pockets! In the glee of hopping happiness, they could slip out and injure you or someone else.
  2. Kick off those shoes! We require ROCKIN’ SOCKS for all jumpers. Their rubbery surface keeps you from slipping and their soft covering eases accidental contact.
  3. Get moving! We have plenty of areas to chill and relax, including massage chairs, but not on the trampolines. After all, someone pouncing on you while trying to rest is far from relaxing.
  4. Most critical, no rough play! In the end, wrestling, running and shoving isn’t fun for anyone. Likewise, double-bouncing may seem entertaining in a YouTube video but it rarely ends well. Our goal is to keep you safe!
  5. Jump smart! For example, in our Stunt Bag area, we allow one jumper at a time. Always, tuck your chin to your chest and never land head first.
  6. We have trained monitors overseeing every area to ensure that everyone is enjoying safe fun. They will limit the number of jumpers in the area, also, in order to give everyone plenty of space to have fun.

Hear from the Jumping Pros

Finally, hearing from those who know our park the best helps. We consider wise words from our guests to be great guidance. Here are a few kind reviews:

This was our first visit, but definitely not our last. There are tons of fun things to do. Rockin’ Jump is clean and very, very well supervised. The staff is exceptionally friendly and even played with the kids when attendance was low. The kids had a blast and didn’t want to leave. Thank you for a terrific experience!”

Abigale N.

My 6-year old twins and 14-year old truly love trampoline parks. This is the best one we’ve ever been to! Very, very clean, nice staff, comparable rates for more than most parks give you. Trampolines yes, but also a rock wall, balls they climb into and roll around in, arcade, AND a DEDICATED parents’ viewing area with free Wi-Fi.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Helmling Family

Make Every Day Rock with Our Memberships

Many of our guests love our indoor venue so much that they wish to visit multiple times. To save some money, we offer Rockin’ Memberships. For as little as $1.66 per day, you can jump up to 2 hours per day. Our 30-day membership is $50 and our 90-day membership is $150. Be sure to hurry if you choose this route. We’re only offering this fabulous promotion for a limited time!

If you want to start rockin’ without a membership, we have options for that as well. Our prices are diverse so that you can find a pass that fits you best.

For current pricing, please visit our website.

Prior to your visit, feel free to purchase tickets online to save a little time. Also, you can complete our waiver online as well. Keep in mind, if it’s been over a year since your last visit, a new waiver is necessary.

So, what are you waiting for? Come check out our Parkour course and other activities today. We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions in the interim, feel free to give us a call at 336-355-1585.