Thank you for your interest in having a Fundraisers at the Rockin’ Jump Greensboro indoor trampoline park.

We hold fundraisers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during our normal hours of operations. Rockin’ Jump hosts several fantastic Fundraisers every year for our local schools, sports teams, etc..  Do you know a school that needs a Fundraising solution that combines FITNESS with FUN?!

We start by scheduling a date for your Fundraiser event and then reducing the price of our 2 hour jump time from $21 to $18 specifically for your Fundraiser event. Your supporters will pay that discounted rate.

Our Rockin’ staff keeps track of all of the supporters that attend your Fundraiser. At the end of the event your jumpers are tallied and for each one, we give 20% of the jump time ticket price back that goes directly to your non-profit!

Book A Fundraiser!