Your child’s birthday is right around the corner. You want to throw a nice party but need some ideas. There are plenty of location ideas available for a birthday party. Some are tried and true, but there are also ideas for a unique birthday experience. Here are five places to have a birthday party.


Home is one of the typical places to have a birthday party. Although this option may seem easier and less expensive, it depends on how large and creative you get with the planning. Low-key parties usually feature homemade food, board games, a swim in the pool, and even a movie projected on the garage. Others plan more elaborate parties with rented bounce houses, bands, and even ponies. Tables and chairs are often rented and the food is catered. Either way, be prepared for the cleanup.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are exciting places to have a birthday party. Most parks don’t allow outside food but there are usually plenty of restaurants and snack shops to make purchases. Be careful, as this can get pricey. A small number of guests can navigate this environment more easily. Crowds and independent kids can make it challenging to keep an eye on larger groups. Although this option is considered one of the fun places to have a birthday party, be prepared for the walking and waiting. Wear comfortable shoes and on hot days, fill up on water and use sunscreen. Water parks are a warm-weather option.

Educational Places

If you are looking to add an educational component to the fun, places to have a birthday party include museums, zoos, aquariums, art centers, and classes. This is ideal for children who are curious and enjoy learning new things. Activities can be interactive, hands-on, and tour based. Your child and their friends can learn more about dinosaurs, walk through an aviary full of exotic birds, hand feed fish, or learn how to cook all before settling in for some food and cake.


Cooking may not be your child’s thing, but more likely eating is. Restaurants are often chosen as places to have a birthday party because the planning is relatively easy. A pre-selected menu can be used or each individual can order separately. There are usually enough choices that adults accompanying the party can be satisfied with their meal too. This can be a pricey option depending on the restaurant choice.

Family Fun Centers

A family fun center is like a mini-amusement park that is usually indoors, but not always. These are great places to have a birthday party because of the fun entertainment and availability of food. This includes places like miniature golf courses, arcades, bowling centers, and trampoline parks, like Rockin’ Jump.

For fun, stress-free parties, Rockin’ Jump is a great choice among the many places to have a birthday party. From beginning to end, Rockin’ Jump has you covered with invitations, napkins, forks, and plates, and thank you notes. The staff can help you choose from several food and drink packages. The next step is to come to the party. You and your guests get a good dose of fun, physical activity with the open jumping and dodgeball courts. Smaller kids can enjoy the youth court separate from the bigger jumpers. A great selection of coin-op arcade games is available when everyone needs a break from jumping.

Rockin’ Jump: One of the Best Places to have a Birthday Party

If looking for places to have a birthday party, reserve a time at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park. It provides a party experience that is exciting, fun, healthy, and stress-free for you. Reserve your birthday party today at either of our convenient locations, in Greensboro or Winston-Salem. Click HERE for me details.