With so many kids interested in solo activities like video games, it can be hard to spend enough quality time together. At Rockin’ Jump, your entire family can have a fun time playing games and being active. Moreover, enjoy the day with your kids, while also getting some exercise. When it comes to family activities in Greensboro, we are the best. In fact, we recently won Best Family Entertainment from Greensboro News & Record!

What Kind of Family Entertainment Can You Expect at Rockin’ Jump?

No matter what the weather is like outside, our indoor attractions are fun for all ages – kids and adults! Our family entertainment center covers all bases. First, enjoy some jumping in the main arena. Then, play some games in one of our activity zones. Finally, take a break from jumping to enjoy our rock wall or arcade. We’re a one-stop shop for families in Greensboro! There is truly something for everyone, and all ages, to enjoy.

In addition to our main bounce area, our fun family games include the following indoor playground zones:

  • Dodge Ball – It’s all the excitement of a classic dodge ball game with the added fun of bouncing.
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Challenge your kids to a game where we have leveled the playing field thanks to our launch pads.
  • Foam Pit Arena – Fly high in this area and land safely in our foam. See who can do the best flip!
  • X-Beam – Use padded lances to throw one another off beams. All ages love this game.
  • Bashball – Suit up by climbing into one of our inflatable bashballs to bounce and bump your way through the corral.

Additionally, we also have a special zone for jumpers who are under the age of six. You can read more about our indoor attractions here.

Special Family Events at Rockin’ Jump

In addition to our normal open jump times, you can also join us for one of our special jump events. One of our most popular is our Battle Royale Tournament. Your family can compete for up to $250 in prizes! Best of all, the tournament fee includes entry to our After Dark jump event. So, play some Battle Royale, and then enjoy some jumping in our glow-in-the-dark environment. Your admission includes a pair of Rockin’ Jump socks and a glow necklace.

If Battle Royale isn’t for you, check out our other events!

This five-star Google review by Aziza describes what it is like to jump at our indoor playground: “Love this place. I bring my children often and we have a great time every time. They love the glow-in-the-dark jump as well.”

Also, make sure to check back to our events page regularly for other upcoming special events.

How to Get Your Kids Excited for Family Time

We all know that it can sometimes be a struggle to get kids, especially teens, excited to spend time together. That’s part of the reason we introduced our new Battle Royale tournaments. Because you are doing an activity they enjoy, they will be less resistant to spending time together.

Here are a few more tips to help your entire family get excited for jump time together:

  • Invite some friends. Although the prospect of spending a night with parents may not get kids excited, they enjoy time with friends. Have them invite a few along for the jump, or meet another family at our facility to jump together.
  • Make it a competition. Instead of just jumping, challenge your kids to a slam dunk contest. Or, see who can get to the top of the rock wall the fastest. By adding a competitive element to your time together, you can keep kids interested.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity. It can be tempting to want to spend all day together. However, there are frequently time constraints that prevent that from happening. Instead, focus on spending a few quality hours together.

Redbook has more great ideas about how to connect as a family to become closer. Joining us at Rockin’ Jump is just part of the equation!

To learn more about jumping at our facility, give us a call at 336-355-1585. You can also buy tickets online or just stop by our Greensboro location to start your jump.