Let’s be honest. Sometimes, planning a children’s party feels like a task. While the end goal is to create a fun experience for kids and adults, the overall process is often daunting. To make it fun and easy from the start, choosing one of the best kids birthday party places in the Triad is imperative. Rockin’ Jump is that place for many reasons. Let us turn your task into a moment to BASK!

We Replace the T in Task so that You May Bask!

That pesky little “T” in task represents more than a few words that feel tedious. Terrible, trouble and tantrum are just a few that come to mind. After all, who doesn’t occasionally feel like throwing a tantrum when time is short and planning is long? At Rockin’ Jump Greensboro, we help keep tantrums at bay for kids and adults alike.

Which leads us to our next step as we take the T out of task and replace it with B. Bask! From the beginning of planning your child’s party to your actual celebration, we add lots of Bs to help you bask.

Just a few of our brilliant “B” words include:

  • Book Conveniently – With the click of a button, you can book your child’s party online. See below for our flexible party packages.
  • Bonus Invitations – Easily create free invitations online. Simply choose the age and gender of your child and click to send an invitation to each guest.
  • Beneficial Forms – To save everyone time, we allow each guest to fill out waivers online prior to your celebration.
  • Beaming Party Hosts – Once you arrive, our dedicated party hosts handle all the details for you. From set-up to clean-up, your party coordinator allows kids and adults to focus on friends and fun while our party coordinator focuses on you.
  • Bountiful Bouncing – Of course, one of our favorite B words is Bounce! Our indoor facility has multiple areas in which to bounce.
  • Blissful – This is what we aim for you to be throughout the process!

Okay, so this is all bright and fun word play, but you are probably hoping for more specifics. Let’s begin with the different level of packages available.

Children’s Party Packages

We offer several levels to choose from including a party package for younger guests. All packages include food and drinks. Feel free to bring a special cake if you wish!

Silver Party ($229.00 up to 10 Jumpers)

Party includes…
– 90 Minutes of Jump Time
– 2 Pizzas and 2 Two-Liter Soft Drinks
– Reserved Party Area for 45 Minutes
– Dedicated Party Host
– $5 Jump Card for Each Jumper
– Rockin’ Socks for Each Jumper
– And more!

Gold Party ($289.00 up to 10 Jumpers)

Party includes everything the SILVER package includes PLUS…
– Private Dodge Ball Game
– $5 Arcade Card for All Jumpers!
– Small ICEEs for All Jumpers

Platinum Party ($339.00 up to 10 Jumpers)

Party includes everything the SILVER AND GOLD packages include PLUS you get a goodie bag for all jumpers!

Rockin’ Tots Party for Ages 6 & Under ($149 Included 10 Jumpers)

We host these parties Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays from 10am – 12 Noon. These parties include:

  • 2 Pizzas and 2 Two-Liter Soft Drinks
  • 90 Minutes of Jump Time
  • 45 Minutes in a party room or at a party table
  • $5 Arcade Cards for 10 Jumpers available as a $25 add on
  • Themed Parties are available!
  • Rockin’ Socks for Each Jumper
  • Party Plates, Napkins, Cups, & Utensils
  • Party Invitations
  • Special Gift for the Guest of Honor

You can also have a themed party! Save the time of heading out to a party store and let us do the work! For $3 per jumper, you can upgrade any of the parties above with a theme of your choice. We include napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths, and table decorations with centerpieces to match your selected theme.

A few of our theme packages include:

Boy Parties:

  • Spiderman
  • Black Panther
  • Pokémon
  • Avengers

Girl Parties:

  • LOL Surprise
  • Frozen 2
  • Magical Unicorn

We have three levels to ensure we have a package to suit all party sizes. If you don’t see a theme that you prefer, just give us a call. We have access to hundreds of options and aim to please!

The Best Kids Birthday Party Places with Indoor Activities

Of course, another reason you get to bask in one of the best kids birthday party places is because all of our activities are indoors. The last thing you want to worry over when planning a party is weather. Rain or shine, you can enjoy our facility no matter how Mother Nature is feeling that day.

Speaking of indoor activities, we have a wide variety of them. Forget bounce houses, we have a virtual indoor playground. Therefore, you can let go of another worry and feel confident that there is something fun for every guest who wishes to celebrate with you.

  • Jump Arena – Enjoy gymnastics and jumping in our freeform trampoline area
  • Ninja Course – Swing on the branches of ropes and climb heights above a cushiony surface
  • Parkour Blox – Swiftly, navigate barriers and hone agility
  • Foam Pit Arena – Defy gravity with a safe surface beneath when you finally float back to earth
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Practice high-flying, pro-dunking
  • X-Beam – Challenge your friends to friendly competition
  • Dodge Ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer
  • 6-&-Under Jumping Zone – Visit our supervised hopping area zoned for our younger guests
  • Arcade – Chill out a bit and play your favorite game and win tickets for our prize center

After Dark Kids Birthday Party Places

Keep in mind, you can also enjoy all of our fabulous attractions for your child after the sun has set. Lasers, music, strobes and contests set the weekend evenings afire with rockin’ fun.

Keep an eye out for special After Dark sessions where we add:

  • Interactive Games
  • Instagram Contests
  • Glow Dodge Ball Mini Tournaments
  • Raffles
  • Live DJ
  • Giveaways
  • Black Lights
  • Special Games
  • One Very Special Guest

Please note that we require white or neon shirts for After Dark parties. Thus, remind your guests to wear appropriate shirts or when they arrive, they can purchase a special t-shirt that glows.

Serve Safety at Your Birthday Party

One of the reasons we require glowing shirts during our After Dark extravaganza is because safety is our top priority at Rockin’ Jump. When the lights go down, we want our jumpers to light up! Yes, fun is fantastic, but as is true during all of our operating hours, we strive to keep every child and adult safe. Therefore, we use our Jump Safe strategy at all times.

For instance, we love mobile phones and encourage taking pics, creating TikToks and hope you’ll share your moments on our social media pages, such as Instagram and Facebook. However, grab a friend to capture your joy from the sideline. Phones in your hand have a habit of tumbling free as you bounce about. Objects in your pockets are opt to hop one way as you skip another. We allow just you and your socks (well, clothes too, of course!) on our trampolines and other attractions.

Since our trampoline area is made for motion, you need to keep moving with the flow. Although it may seem comfy to sit and chill in our bouncy areas, someone may bounce upon you. That’s likely not your idea of fun and not ours either. So, hop, skip and soar as you wish! If you decide to lounge and take a breather, we have lots of cushioned areas where you can chill.

Keep It Safe

Similarly, keep your motion safe for everyone else. No rough play, pushing or double jumping to send friends to the ceiling – that never ends well either. Yes, our ceilings are high but no need to strive to touch them!

Finally, if you wish to visit and enjoy gymnastics in our stunt bag arena, remember a few key points. We allow only ONE jumper at a time onto the bag from each lane. Once you land on the bag you must climb off IMMEDIATELY. Never land head first, in an arched position or on your chest or stomach. ALWAYS tuck your chin to your chest when attempting a flip. Land on back and do not over rotate. This arena is a great area to experience gymnastics and learn the best way to flip safely and softly.

Benefits of Exercise 

Ahh. Another “B” word – benefits. Since we promised to take out those terrible “Ts” in task, let’s add another “B” to help you bask in all our glory. Consider another advantage of Rockin’ Jump being one of the best kids birthday party places in Greensboro. It’s exercise. Nowadays, it’s beginning to feel like a lost art. So many of us become absorbed in our technology and forget to simply move. We need to move. It’s good for the body, soul and mind. Studies show that exercise reduces stress, enhances mood and improves health.

Ultimately, this is one of the key reasons why we designed Rockin’ Jump in the first place.

We’re people like you who want to exercise. You should also get to actually enjoy it. Instead of stair-climbers and weight machines, we decided to create a place where you can soar in open jump arenas, dive into pools of soft foam cubes, play trampoline dodge ball, do flips and practice somersaults.

Fun and Exercise Go Hand in Hand

At Rockin’ Jump, you get the exercise you need along with lots of laughs. The vision of two families back in 2010 quickly became one of America’s most popular recreation and fitness destinations. We are proud of that vision and enjoy our indoor venue as much as you will. So that you can continue to experience special activities of all kinds, our location is open daily and we hope you will continue to visit no matter your occasion.

We also wanted a new alternative for birthday parties and family gatherings, where quality food and private party rooms are guaranteed.  Plus, we wanted an area where our kids could safely play while we socialized with other parents.

More importantly, who is exhausted after a birthday party? (We’re raising our hands very, very high.). Unfortunately, kids aren’t always as exhausted after the guests go home.  Especially, this is true if a bit of sugar is involved. At Rockin’ Jump, we hope our healthy dose of exercise leads to a healthy dose of peace and quiet once you arrive home. Then, you may also bask in the glory of a restful night after your successful birthday party.

This means no rooms to clean throughout your home, before or after your party. Spills or mishaps that occur, we clean up. Party decorations that we put up; we also take down. Essentially, you just show up, let us do the work and we clean up.

Everyone exercises, everyone has fun, everyone gets to go home and rest!

Book Your Party Today!

Since space is sometimes limited, go ahead and book your children’s party today! If you have any questions or other ways that we can help you bask in our fantastic venue, give us a call at 336-355-1585. We look forward to hearing from you and hosting your celebration!