Dodgeball brings back fond childhood memories for many. The thrill of ducking and sidestepping to avoid being hit as the ball is hurtled your way never gets old, whether playing on pavement or a trampoline surface. As more and more people have begun frequenting indoor trampoline parks, they have rediscovered the fun of dodgeball and introduced their own children to this beloved game, making trampoline dodgeball a favorite activity at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park.

Bouncing around on a trampoline offers hours of entertainment for both kids and adults, and combining that with an old-fashioned game of dodgeball only serves to enhance the experience. Aside from all the excitement it provides, there are also many health benefits associated with joining in a game of trampoline dodgeball. This is a great way for the whole family to get in some much-needed exercise.

Health Benefits of Trampoline Dodgeball

Doing the same fitness routine over and over can get quite boring and eventually lead to a loss in motivation. Plus, it’s harder than ever to get kids away from their electronics and get physically active. Fortunately, trampoline dodgeball is the perfect solution to both of those dilemmas. It’s a full body workout with health benefits that include:

Stronger Bones:

The act of jumping up and down repeatedly on a trampoline encourages bones to build up their strength and increases their mineral content. This is important in preventing brittle bones and the development of osteoporosis. With the soft padding of the trampoline taking the brunt of the force, there doesn’t have to be concern that the bones and joints will experience wear and tear.
Increased Agility and Balance: Trampoline dodgeball demands some fancy footwork. On a trampoline it’s not possible to simply run away from the ball, so players must be able to move with swiftness, which means working on agility and balance.

Boost in Metabolism:

Trampoline exercise helps to give metabolism a boost, which in turn, allows the body to process nutrients more efficiently. This will make a significant difference on the ability to lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight.
Better Coordination: While simultaneously catapulting themselves into the air and concentrating on not getting hit with the ball, those playing trampoline dodgeball are required to control different limbs and muscle groups at once. This focus is essential for the proper development of coordination and motor skills.

Improved Cardiovascular Health:

Heart disease is a serious health problem that develops in numerous people, but bouncing around on a trampoline can help to keep complications with the cardiovascular system at bay. Jumping can lower cholesterol, increase blood flow, and strengthen the heart muscles, therefore, lowering the heart rate and the chances of getting heart disease.
People of All Ages Can Participate in the Fun of Trampoline Dodgeball

One of the greatest things about trampoline dodgeball is that it is a great activity for anyone to participate in. No matter a person’s age or fitness level, they will enjoy getting out there with family and friends and seeing how long they can survive while knocking out their opponents one by one. In addition, this is a low-impact workout, which makes it an attractive exercise option for those who need to be conscious of keeping a large amount of stress and pressure off their joints.

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park is proud to give residents in North Carolina a place where they can come and be entertained and gain all the health benefits of trampoline dodgeball at the same time.