Things to do at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

When your kids are looking for things to do in Greensboro, what kinds of activities attract them?

  • Does your child enjoy being on a team or is he more of an individual athlete?
  • Does your child enjoy physical exhilaration or does she like mental challenges?
  • Do your children enjoy mixing with others or do they prefer watching and cheering?

Whatever your child enjoys, he or she can totally enjoy the things there are to do at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro!

Team Sports

We have several things for your kids who enjoy team sports to do – either with their own group of friends or as pick-up games with others who are mingling at Rockin’ Jump.

Dodge Ball – Our trampoline-lined court is fully caged for the protection of others in the facility, and monitored by trained staff who ensure fairness and increase the enjoyment of all players. These games are so popular, sometimes the line of people waiting to do this event winds halfway around the building!

Basketball – The Slam Dunk Court is a thing of daring, a series of basketball hoops, each positioned by its own floor-embedded trampoline. Each player gets a running start, then bounces off the trampoline and dunks the ball – either with serious focus, practiced acrobatics or insane craziness!

Individual Athletics

Open Court – Our largest area and the main event, bounding and catapulting are the things to do here, where trampolines are installed side-by-side across the floor and up the walls. Experienced jumpers can soar so effortlessly that they seem to be flying!

Youth Court – We couldn’t leave out our youngest ones who are just learning skills of bouncing, so we’ve sectioned off an area so they can develop their “jump legs.” Rockin’ Jump staff supervises and older siblings or parents can accompany little jumpers as they learn things to do on trampolines. (6 and under)

Airobics – Three days a week we offer physical exercise classes that are so much fun you’ll think you’re playing at things! Tuesdays feature “Power Pump Strength Training” that increase muscle strength in the upper body, Thursdays have “Speed and Agility” classes to do that increase balance and coordination, and Saturdays offer “Core Blast” classes for upper and lower body strength.

Foam Pit – For somersaulting and flipping practice, our foam pit is an opportunity for bouncing off a trampoline, focusing on your air moves and landing in a soft mound of foam cubes, without the burden of anticipating your next bounce.

Non-Physical Activities

Arcade – For those who want a break from trampolining, our arcade provides dozens of coin-operated things to do for all skill levels. Your child can play individually or create lively competitions with a friend or two.

Snack Bar – Our concession area serves a variety of basic snack foods and bottled Coca-Cola-brand drinks. Plenty of tables and benches are available so you can rest between jumps or visit with non-jumpers.

So, you see? We really do have things to do for everyone in your family!