If you have children, you have surely grown accustomed to a variety of things that they do for fun, and there is probably an equal amount of amusement and annoyance with their antics. And even though all kids are different, they do have at least one thing in common: they can become bored very quickly. You could have a house full of toys, games, books, and a hundred other items, but inevitably you are going to hear, “There’s nothing to do!” You may try to get your kids interested in something they already have, but once boredom sets in, there is not much you can do. At that point, it is probably time to leave the house. But what are some fun things to do in Winston-Salem? Here are a few options:

The Top Kids’ Things to do in Winston-Salem


Movies are a good option when looking for things to do in Winston-Salem. However, they pose a few different problems. If you have more than one child, good luck finding one film on which they will agree. Inevitably, a consensus will be next to impossible, and this means that at least one person will be upset. Timing can also be challenging. Not all movies start at the same times, and if you miss the one you wanted to see, you will probably have to wait at least a couple of hours. Then there is the cost. Movies definitely are not cheap, and they are even more expensive when they are in 3D. After you buy the tickets and snacks, your wallet will definitely be significantly lighter. This is why when thinking about things to do in Winston-Salem, you may want to cross movies off your list.


When looking for affordable things to do in Winston-Salem, you probably will not find anything better than a playground. Playgrounds can be loads of fun, and they let kids run around and get some exercise, but they are not perfect. For one thing, if there is not a lot of stuff to play on, they can become very congested with kids. In addition to limiting the fun, this can also be somewhat of a safety hazard. Even if a playground is relatively empty, your kids will most likely get bored pretty quickly, and then you are back at square one. Plus, the weather is still sketchy, so if it is rainy or chilly, you can rule a playground out.

Trampoline Park

When searching for the best things to do in Winston-Salem, your quest can’t be complete unless you have looked into a trampoline park like Rockin’ Jump. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park has everything you need to keep your kids entertained. Bouncing around on our trampolines is great fun, your kids will get a ton of exercise, and it is affordable. Plus, because we are indoors, it does not matter how bad the weather is outside.

At Rockin’ Jump, we have so many activities on the trampolines, there is something for every member of the family…regardless of age. Parents enjoy getting some exercise and fun along with the children! When they want to do something else, there is a game arcade and snack area. The trampoline fun includes dodge ball, a trampoline basketball court and many other areas—they will never be bored! Of all the things to do in Winston-Salem, this is probably the most versatile and the most fun!

If you are trying to find great things to do in Winston-Salem that your kids will love, just bring them to Rockin’ Jump.