Here in North Carolina, we have to prepare for all types of weather. In the summer, we sometimes have days with temperatures in the triple digits. However, in the winter, we sometimes see freezing temperatures. And of course, all year we deal with storms and humidity that sometimes make it hard to enjoy time outside. At Rockin’ Jump, you can have fun without worrying about weather. Our indoor bounce house – trampoline park makes it easy to have fun with your family.

Why Indoor Parks Rock

You might have trouble finding activities during the hottest/coldest days of the year or whenever it is raining. Don’t deal with your kids figuratively bouncing off the walls. Bring them to Rockin’ Jump, where they can literally bounce off the walls! Indoor parks like Rockin’ Jump also have other advantages over outdoor parks:

  • You don’t have to worry about the sun. Even on days where the temperature is mild, you still have to reapply sunscreen constantly to keep your kids safe. Inside, you don’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Indoor parks make it easy to keep an eye on several children. You don’t have to worry about them leaving or a stranger luring them out of sight. Of course, we also have a staff member trained in our safety program JumpSafe™ overseeing each area.
  • Inside, you don’t have to worry about wet or dirty equipment. We keep our trampoline activities clean. We can’t say the same for parks and inflatable bounce houses.
  • We have a large selection of interactive games for all ages. Our park is not just standard playground equipment. Kids can enjoy activities such as our slam dunk zone, x-beam game, dodge ball, and more.

Our indoor trampoline park has several activities, which are appropriate for all ages. You can challenge your friends to one of several games, practice your ninja skills, or climb the rock wall. Yes, you can jump with your kids! Adults are welcome to take part in the fun. The weight limit for most activities is 275 pounds, which is much higher than inflatable bounce houses. You can also enjoy our relaxation zone, where you can watch your family enjoy our many jumping and climbing areas.

Other Reasons Parents Love Our Rockin’ Jump Bounce House

Parents love our activities because they are safe for kids of all ages. Rockin’ Jump staff members ensure your kids stay safe when jumping. They oversee all play, especially flipping into our foam pit arena. You don’t get that with an inflatable bounce house in the backyard! Also, we have special areas for kids under six years old. This allows younger jumpers to have fun in a safe area, away from the more rambunctious older kids.

Additionally, parents love Rockin’ Jump because we have special events that kids of all ages love. Let’s face it: it is hard to find activities that both your toddler and your teen will enjoy. At Rockin’ Jump, our special events include popular After Dark evening jumps. Every weekend, your kids can enjoy jumping under blacklights, strobes, and lasers. During After Dark, they can also enjoy special perks that change weekly, such as game tournaments and live DJs.

Lastly, parents love Rockin’ Jump’s trampoline park because our prices can’t be beat. Amusement parks, water parks, and other activities can easily cost $50+ per person. For a family of just four or five people, it can be a strain on the budget. Rockin’ Jump tickets start at just $11.95 for open jump times. We even have special Rockin’ Wednesdays where you can get two hours for the price of one. There are also memberships to allow jumping every day! Click here to book your jump time now and skip the line. With locations in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Rockin’Jump is nearby if you’re in the Piedmont Triad area!